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Vorshlag 2018 Mustang GT + S550 Development Thread


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Lake Oswego, OR
I did a surge tank as well, I ran my tank all the way down to 6% and still had a solid flat 58psi at the rail at all times.

I'm working with a radium retailer to make a kit for S197 and S550 cars.
yep, and i calculated it'll take ~18s @ WOT with my current fuel(dual 465s)/power (750rwhp) to empty the ~1/2 gallon can, which in the real world is never gonna happen. short of going to a fuel cell w/ foam and in-tank surge setup, this is about as good as it gets.

fwiw, aaron and i go way back to when i was in an elise and he was just getting his company off the ground in the lotus market a decade ago - he's a short drive across town from me. if your vendor can do the legwork and bring a strong business case for making a kit, he'll easily jump on board.


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Rocklin, CA
hydramat, fuel foam on the hump, etc aren’t big enough bandaids; you will still fuel starve on CCW configs under 1/2 tank, especially as you go up in power and/or switch to E85. plumbing in a fuel surge tank fixed all my problems:

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Surge tanks are pretty common in other platforms too - I almost went that route myself with my old track car. It was either that, modify the tank baffling or get a fuel cell. Surge tank was the most reasonable option for what I was doing.

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