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Vortech yes no ?

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I got a hold of Vortech to get a installer in Ohio this place had great reviews. Not sure if price is good or not? Whats everyone think? Total would be about $7,750

I have put together some pricing for you on the Vortech system for your 2013 BOSS 302. Vortech doesn’t supply a tune for the BOSS in the kit, but it does come with a SCT flasher. We will have to do a custom tune in house.

Satin kit w/air to air intercooler $5185.00
Black finish kit w/ air to air intercooler $5475.00
Polished kit aw/ air to air intercooler $5475.00
Boss intake adaptor $73.00
Labor to install supercharger kit $1500.00
Dyno and tune $600.00
Fluids(coolant) $60.00 +/-

If you have any questions please call or e-mail me.

Thank you
Mike Wilson
Pauls Automotive Engineering
Tulsa, OK
+1 for Beefcake. He is the cheapest place for a paxton/vortech kit and a good guy to deal with. If it were me I would go with the paxton tuner kit as the paxton head unit gives you a little more room to grow than the vortech. Get a tune from your favorite tuner and you're set! :)
His kit looks great I also watched his GT on YouTube 1000 hp! I'm not real good with the wrenches so if it doesn't have step by step instructions I will have to get somebody to install.
If your not comfortable using tools then I would have someone do the work for you. Nothing like getting the job half done then towing the car to a shop. Plus the cost usually ends up being the same if not more after correcting your mistakes. Pauls Automotive Engineering is an excellent choice as well from my experience. Just my .02

Good luck with the install either way!


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I would also go with the paxton over the vortech.

Installing one isn't that bad but if you aren't savvy with a wrench I would have someone that is at least help you.

I think 600 is a little high for a tune that should be pretty basic at this point for tuners. I would think no more then 300 tops. I would go with AED for my tune then just use there dyno to do the data logging for shaun.

I saw procharger is coming out with an interesting supercharger though. I am waiting on an install and review to come out
It won't be till next summer after my wife gets over me buying another car LOL! But I will go with the Paxton probably after the post I really like the the one on Justin's link.
Jerry said:
It won't be till next summer after my wife gets over me buying another car LOL! But I will go with the Paxton probably after the post I really like the the one on Justin's link.

Don't be surprised if you decide to leave it normally aspirated. It runs so good as is, that it's a tough decision to radically mod the motor. If I owned a GT I'd bolt a blower on it and hope the pistons held up. The Boss is too special to bolt on a blower.
I already decided to not mess with it at all at least no major mods ! I have a 2007 Shelby GT also and haven't touched it ether except putting a rear spoiler on it. I'm going to do a complete restore on my 1950 Desoto instead it's in great shape but the interior needs redone and the chrome on the outside and I want it done to take my Dad out in it before he gets to old.

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