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What trailers are you guys using to tow your Boss 302?

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neema said:
Funnily enough, I was deciding between 38' and 45' (!!!) Featherlites. Both were great deals, but I don't have the kind of towing capacity for a 45 footer. That's dually territory. So I guess I'm stuck with the baby 38' :(

I've had a series of trailers, the most recent was a 40' ATC gooseneck aluminum race series.
Following the same "dually required" approach, I bought one of those too (06 F350 diesel) only to realize later the dually actually wasn't required.
The dually and single axle F350 had the same exact tow capacity. The only difference was the cargo capacity.
Long story short, I ditched the dually (and the bigger expense of commercial plates & insurance) and went back to a single axle F350.
Best tow combo I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Averaged 14 mpg loaded and with the complaints on space.
Fastfordnut said:
Best tow combo I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Averaged 14 mpg loaded and with the complaints on space.

There must be something about long and low trailers. I've seen more than 18 mpg on a leg before, but that was towing only one car and going 50mph (just to see what we could get). Not realistic at all. I did average ~13 mpg @ 62mph on my last trip, which is great for a thirsty Ford 6.4L diesel--this was measured by calculating after a fill up. I was impressed. The trailer was 4900 lbs dry and had 4000lbs of stuff in it. Not too shabby. Fuel mileage marginally drops with a second car, but it halves the cost of transportation if you're bringing a friend along.

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