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whine or whistle?

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Just curious on if this is normal or not, but every time my boss gets to 79 MPH and roughly 2400 RPM I hear either a whistle or a whine and not sure what to think about it or where it is coming from. Is it normal or has anyone else notice this?
Mine does it too at 78 to 80 mph. Its the Ring and Pinion making that whine. Ford has replaced mine 3 times. The first two became very loud, so far the 3rd one is staying quiet with just a faint whine. We will see how long this one lasts, 4000 miles so far, 12,000 miles total on car.
It depends on whether it actually is a whine vs. whistle. I actually have both, and both pop up at about that same speed/rpm. One is the ring/pinion whine and the other is a very distinct whistle from around the front windshield trim. I've been meaning to take some painters tape and start taping off sections of the glass/trim transition on the windshield to attempt to isolate the spot causing the whistle. It drives me nuts. However, I am close to pulling the trigger on the Tiger Racing hood and have been holding off because I think it may alter airflow enough to stop the whistle. Of course, it also may make it worse! :eek:
Thanks for the reply's... So i guess its the differential whine i am hearing and partially normal as long as its not loud.
My 2013 Boss has a whine around 80 mph as well. It goes away if I speed up or slow down. I talked to another guy with a 13 Boss that does the same thing. It sounds like the ring and pinion. It seems to only whine in 6th gear at that speed. In 5th gear the motor might be drowning out the whine. Doesn't make sence as to why it would only whine in Bosses. It's just another 8.8 rearend. Perhaps Ford got a bad batch of 3:73's. Has anyone heard of GT owners complaing of the same noise?
Mine does the exact same thing from around 78mph, and stops somewhere in the mid 80's. Definitely the ring and pinion as the noise completely stops the moment I get off of the throttle(once the load is removed from the rear end it quiets right down). I'm definitely going to have it looked at on my next visit to the dealership.
Is it only the bosses with the torion differential that have the whine or are the bosses with the limited slip differential also having the whine?


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
My Boss also whines, most noticeably at ~72 mph in 6th on the highway. Goes away instantly if I drop it into neutral. Will make an appt with the dealer this spring. GT owners with 3:73's also report the same issue with non torsen diff in the TMS/AFM forums.

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