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2015 official pics leaked

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Supposedly these are the official shots. I will keep my Boss :)
The rear of the car is definitely an improvement. Can't wait to see it in person. Looks like a great white shark looking at it from the front.
2015 Mustang leaked in Autoweek

Here's the link everyone.
I do like the rear end and interior. Need to see in person. Havent read much on this car to be honest, is it still going to be a V8 and rear wheel drive?
Maybe I'm nuts...and maybe its just because the picture isnt that clear, but to me it almost has lines like a 370z?? Its a little too Euro for me. Its not terrible, just not my cup if tea. I agree that the rear end looks nice.
Why does everyone say the rear looks good? The rear is the worst part, I think it looks awful. Not a fan of the front either.
I like what I see so far but will hold most of my comments until we have much better photos on Thursday or I see one in person.

More here:



I'd rather have a Mustang II.........with the 2.3.............manual..............hubcaps............vinyl floormat...........sparknock.............bad clutch get the idea. That 2015 sux.
I too hope that isn't what it's going to end up looking like.
Our cars definitely look much better IMO.
It does have similar lines to the 370z. It looks quite a bit shorter, which I don't think I like that much, but I do like the front. Not too bad overall.
I need to see the article, I need to know if the 5.2 is true and if it is just bored out using PTWA or if it is a stroker motor. ;D

Hmmmm if it is bored out I wonder what the possibility of a 5.4 stroker coyote is
I saw this earlier today on my news feed. Looks nice from the back, but the lines overall don't seem to mesh well.

The front is bulbous and the rear is high and stubby, sort of like a Camaro. The side lines,doors / skirts look kind of Audi A5 like. The rear quarter looks Nissan 370Z, and the front overall doesn't match the rear at all. The rear is classic, with a touch of modern sports car (ie lower valence), but the front end is trying to be something completely different.

It's almost like the designers couldn't decide if they wanted to depart from the retro styling or not. It's a real hodge-podge mix match of styles all in one.

I think the article also mentions independent rear suspension (YAY!) but that the car is only down 200lbs. That's probably all attributed to just losing the rear axle assembly. If that's REALLY the case, I'm bummed. I mean, if it's only that much less in weight, and the styling went out the window just to make it shorter, eh, I'm glad I didn't wait....

BTW, anyone who is in So Cal this coming weekend, rumor has it that FORD will be having one of the new Stangs out at Cars and Coffee in Irvine this Saturday! Be there early, Mustangs get to park in the special front lot this time too!

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