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All Ford Nationals, June 7-9, Carlisle PA

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Mustang owner since 84
I might attend .like to bring my father, hes a car enthusiasts and had a 1968 GT Torino. He has never been there and its like pulling teeth to get him to leave his house.Worried about the dog and horses.


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I will be there for sure! Missed it last year because of my wife's very inconsiderate friend getting married that weekend!
cbj5259 said:
I haven't decided if I'm entering my car with the Bosses or in the Yellow class. I always entered my Cobra with the Yellows in the past...decisions.

It looks like I will be going. I will register in the Boss category but I had this same discussion with my wife when she inquired which class we should register in. Personally, I'd like to see a map of where either group will be parked. Last time I went, I parked with the Lincolns halfway up the hill and miles away from everything. I just want to park as close to bathrooms, vendors and food as possible. :D

I'm not going for any competition or awards. I probably won't even wash my car after driving hundreds of miles to get there.
Well I registered with the yellow class. Last year the 2nd gen Bosses were parked right across from us practically, so hopefully the setup is the same this year and I can meet a few of you.

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