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Anybody looking for a race-ready 302S?

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Because racecar.
Arizona, USA


Might want to haggle on the price a bit, though.
The Udell car is a 302R. I know, because I have touched it. :eek:


That's me in the gray jacket helping take a motor from a stock Boss to put into the (blue) Udell car for a race the next day. That speaks to the proof that the race cars run with stock engines and therefore, have overall better dependability. However, we WERE replacing a blown engine so...

That's our pal Mark Wilson in the gray t-shirt.
mcmmotorsports said:
It's not up on jackstands like that Volkswagen in a tuxedo behind it getting a drivetrain replacement. ;)
Ding Ding Ding This pretty much covers it. I had asked John about the reliability and maintenance of his 302S and after saying it was minimal he points over to his friend changing the transmission in his Cayman R race car. The amusing part wasn't that he was changing the transmission it was the fact that he had a spare with him to swap. ;D
Just received the NASA Oct newsletter which covers the NASA National Championships last month at MMP... that Udell B302R won the American Iron class.

Considering many dealers are charging 2x MSRP (or more) for a new B302S, a fully sorted R with championship winning provenance for $95K (or less) doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

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