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appears srt jeep copied ford's launch control tech

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
the older M3's had it before fords did. if anything we stole the idea from them. but there launch control isnt the same as ours. the trackey launch control is nothing more then a 2 step doesnt help get a perfect launch by controlling engine torque and rear braking etc.
I didn't know BMW had it first. I thought it was proprietary to ford. Though srt is an auto, looks very similar in concept how it functions.
I really don't see the point in a ghetto auto jeep having launch control. Jeep drivers around here, except Wrangler drivers they are OK, all act like they are in a sports car so I guess they would have a market for it.

If you do want to talk about copying: Chevy is now copying the Focus HFE package automatic grill slats in their Cruze. I keep seeing commercials boasting about it when Ford has had it since the Focus HFE package was offered like it is something new they came up with. Lame.

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