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Borla ATAK Axle Backs Installed

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Got a quick before/after video with the new Borla ATAKS. I definitely am liking the sound, cruising in 6th its almost as if there is no change but when you get on her, she's got a mean scream.

Thanks for sharing! I think if I decide to replace the axlebacks, I'd go the borla route.

Do you have any in car video?

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Not bad. I have the Corsa Extreme Axlebacks, and like the Borla it gives it a deeper tone. No resonance and I should have done like you did and recorded the difference. I know I don't want to go back to stock, ha,ha!!
Definitely can't go back to stock, I do wish they were a bit louder. But I will get that one day when I do long tubes.

No in car videos Berol, I am not coordinated enough to handle that lol. I will have my wife take some next time we go for a drive.
Very nice. I love Borla ATAK's. I have them on my GT500 and they are AWESOME on that vehicle. For the Boss, however, it's Corsa Extremes all the way. I love the Corsa's......
I put the Borla ATAK on my 13 Boss, love them. I also put on the electric cutouts by QTP. I keep them open, however, when I close them it is quieter.

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