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Bridgestone Potenza S-04 pole position tires?

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I mainly drive on the street with about 8 track days a year. I am looking at buying stock size tires. Any feed back on the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 pole position tires?
Looking at the tire comparison posted on Tirerack they look to be the closes to the Mich.PSS in overall performance. Does anyone have experience with this tire?


I do, but from many years ago and on a lighter car. That are in fact very good tires. Hopefully somebody else can chime in with more relevant comments.
I have them on my Boss. Ran 2 days at Watkins Glen with them. I felt they did not stick as good as the P-Zeros, but the instructer that was riding with me thought they really had some grip! I felt very comfortablle with them. I did not drive my Boss at Watkins with the P-zeros, so I really can't compare them though. So far as a street tire, they have been great. No noise and handle good. I can say that the P-zeros are a more stickier tire in general than S-04's as when I pull in my driveway, the small stones stick to the P-zeros and do not stick too the S-04's. The S-04's look like they are going to wear a lot better thatn the P-zeros too.


I had them on an '05 GTO years ago. I didn't have a good experience with them. They wore very quickly just driving around town/freeway. YMMV.

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