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Cleaning Your BOSS

First thing I did was hand wash it in the drive way with a microfiber mitten then clay the car with a Meguires Clay Kit. Unbelievable deep paint shine. No wax just a quick detailer spray here an there. Probably clay the car once a month.


I really hope they make a version to put on cars. They are coming out with the Cloth and Paint version mid 2012. Maybe eventually car companies will start painting cars with the stuff. Could you imagine water and mud NEVER sticking to your car. Not to mention your interior. Spilled drinks, tracked in mud, food, vomit, etc.. never staining anything. It's also anti bacterial so bad smells would be gone. It's Scotch guard on super crack. ;D
Griot's garage and meguire's products make up 90 percent of my cleaning supplies, just got the griots random orbital and very easy to use
CRAP! Drove a few hundred miles this week-end. Got where I was going and was showing the car to someone and noticed 2 chips, about 1/8" long, all the way down to the metal on the hood! Damn it!

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