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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Got my new boss 302 Fax Gas cap today from
instructions were online. not to terrible to install. I took off the Third brake light decal as I thought it was to much to have that the license plate and the faux gas cap. What do you guys think? I think it should have come with something like this from the factory vice the std v6 faux gas cap.

Also thinking of painting in the ford letters black to help them stand out more


Looks good Justin 8)
Have had mine sitting here for a couple of weeks.
Waiting to find a donor trunk emblem. May just have to mod my original.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
wonder if I can get someone to make decals cut to just apply inside? That would make it easier for me. my other idea is to tape off the area hit it with spray paint then take a rag in paint thinner to remove the paint leaving only the letters black.
Justin said:
been hoving over getting these in white for the valve covers
Those are nice. I would have installed those instead of painting mine if they were available at the time.

BTW I'm glad you didn't drill out your emblem from the outside when you installed yours. I'd paint the silver wart black and skip painting the FORD on the emblem. The paint could flake off easily painting over the chrome.



Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I just drilled it from the back like the instructions said to. lol I guess you could skip pulling the rest off if you drilled it from the front. I could reinstall the factory piece if I wanted too just apply it like the aftermarket one.

I am worried about the paint flaking off thats why I am thinking go with decals.....or better yet I am going to email emblem pros and see if you will laser cut letters to place on the inside.
I'll have a center piece only available after tomorrow. The Black disc with the Tri-bar pony on it. Not the chrome & silver piece.
Found a replacement complete emblem & will be removing the center piece, if thats all you need.

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