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Favorite Color

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I wanted a KB GT or Roush Stage 2 so I was happy that KB was available on the Boss. I like most of the color combinations. My favorite of all the cars for both years is the 2012 Black LS. I always favor metallic colors and also like YB and GHIG. I doubt I'd ever buy GHIG but after seeing a few cars that color in person I like it. I like to think of YB and GHIG as Lambo colors. ;)

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
I really wanted a laguna seca so of two colors available for 2013 I chose black. There is a SBY LS available locally but I just liked black better so drove to Phoenix to get it.


Performance Fords
GHIG because I like green and it is the perfect companion to the MLM 1970 that I restored with my own two hands.... Its funny, I'd say I get more thumbs up in the 2013 than the 1970. Gotta say, I am thinking about the track key install for my birthday!!!

Have always loved the GB 1970 look so I felt lucky when the dealer near my house had a 2013 GB. It was the only BOSS they had allocated for the year and it was MSRP so worked out well. I would have also liked a Black, but not prepared for a 7K hit as I'm doing primarily DD with the car and dont need the hardware upgrades.

1 st choice: Grabber Blue
2 nd choice: Black
3 rd wish: Sterling or gun metal Gray


2012 500A #1626
Had a red '91 GT and didn't want red again. Also prefer the black stripes and thought the white/black combo was a classic look. The white/black '70 & '71 always looked great to me, too. 100+ degree summer days also factored in to my choice. ::)

Grabber Blue and GHIG are both hot, but to much of long-range eye magnets for me.

I think that one-of-one Graphite Gray is pretty sweet. 8)

My personal pick, had it been offered, would have been Lava Red w/ Black stripes. 8)


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I always liked the grabber blue, especially the 1 off 2012 LS they auctioned off. However, I didn't like it as much on the 2013 and am happy I got competition orange. Both of the yellows look good too.


My very personal - only - choice was Grabber Blue...
The first boss I ever saw was a 1970 grabber blue with shaker and spoilers...
I swore I would have one someday... I was 14...
I still wish they came with a shaker...


Race Red.
All cars I've owned have been red, except the current Malibu family car.
So the choice was easy.
Ill be honest I live the green but I have the choice if changing colors and the more I look at the white the more I fall in live with it! Its just so clean
Red has always been my favorite color, so RR was what I was interested in.
Had a GB '70 Boss 302 & if GB was a color option for the 2012's it would have been a toss up between GB & RR.
All the colors look good IMO.
Yellow Blaze. It's really almost Grabber Orange and the metalic in the sun is phenomenal. Wasn't sure til I saw high quality pictures in different lights, then I had to find one. Black stripes and interior are a great contrast, and even the grabber blue valve covers look great surrounded by the yellow engine bay. If the Boss had come in Sterling, that would have been a tough choice.


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Competition Orange hands down. Obviously the other colors are great. I am not sure you can have a "bad" color for the Boss. Love the black 12 and 13 (even if the 13 is partially because I am an Oakland Raiders fan) and SBY is perty too. As for getting my favorite color? SURE DID!!
Kona Blue! It has so much depth and such a chameleon too. But I have to add, it wasnt my favorite, or even on my radar until my wife said something about it. Then once I started looking, it became my first choice with back seats. But Silver and red is sexy! Now My next favorite is comp orange/white combo


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Brighton, Colorado
Kona Blue Baby.

I knew exactly what I wanted and waited nine long months to get it from order to delivery.

If I had to pick a second, I'd say the 2013 LS Black/Gray. Just has that mean look to it.
I really wanted it in black with red stripes but this is only available with 12 LS or 13 LS (no red stripes). For several reasons I did not opt in for LS but thats off topic. So out of the standard Boss colors I went with red. I really do like the white and blue but felt the red was a color I would not ever get tired of staring at or driving (timeless to me). Plus the first Mustang I ever drove that started my infatuation for Mustangs was red (96 GT).

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