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First De scheduled within the next week - stock pads?

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I am looking at doing my first DE event next week. Will the stock pads hold up? How about the stock brake fluid? Also any thoughts on traction mode? Thanks for helping out the newbie.
How much experience do you have?

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Did my first track event a couple of weeks ago and then again this weekend. Used TC 3 out of 4 days, sport mode today. Didn't have any issues with brakes, but we ran 3 30 minute sessions today and after about 25 minutes the tires really got greasy and had some sliding. I'm still on the stock tires hit the 3000 mile mark today.


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Ran my first event with a fluid change and stock pads. They faded after just 3 laps. I do have a little experience though and may have pushed the stock pads beyond what most others would. ;)
I would change the fluid at the very least.
Drove my first track day at Barber Motorsports on stock pads, stock tires, upgraded to ATE Super Blue brake fluid. No fade that I noticed. Tires got hot but did way better than the driver. For your first time, the car won't be the limiting factor. The driver will. Buy "Going Faster" by Skip Barber. Study it we'll. Listen to the instructor. Enjoy the experience.
Thanks for all of the any good links to changing the brake fluid...I have heard a few different scenario's...some say just use a "turkey baster" and suck the fluid and replace...other say to replace and then bleed the brakes...but have a second person helping pump the brake to bleed....anyone have a link to doing this? Getting this newbie do his own work...

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