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Ford Racing Suspension Upgrades

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I going to place an order for some Ford Racing suspension upgrades similar to what Gary did not quite as far. My main goal is to reduce brake dive and body roll and lower the car a little while still maintaining a decent ride for the street. Frankly while the stock suspension is nice and tight I was expecting it to be a bit firmer especially since it's a RCWALP. ;D I'm not looking for a complete make over or race car suspension. I originally wasn't going to install new RLCA's but since I'm doing the relocation brackets I decided to upgrade them as well. The Dynamic (Multimatic)/FR/Tokico dampers aren't necessary with the P or K springs but I'm going to do it all at once and sell the stock dampers. I should have everything delivered and installed before my next track day at Laguna Seca in June. Both Capaldi Racing and Toulsey Ford have some of the best prices on the internet. I'll be selling the stock parts so if you're interested in them send me a PM.

Springs: M-5300-P

Jounce Bumpers: M-5570-A

Adjustable Panhard Bar: M-4264-A

Rear LCA relocation brkts: M-5650-A

Rear Lower Control Arms: M-5649-R1

Dampers: M-18000-C

Maximum Motorsports CC Plates: MM5CC6

You can read about Gary's setup here:
I wish someone would do something different so we can compare setups. But you definitely can't go wrong with this setup for a good entry level complete system....and the price you can get it all for is pretty darn good as well. Capaldi are good people and they are racers. They have knowledge behind just selling a part....
My parts finally shipped and should arrive Friday June 1st. I'm going to try and get the install done on Wednesday June 6th. In preparation I've been driving mine around with the stock dampers set at 5/5 so I'll be able to tell how much stiffer the new setup is compared to stock on the stiffest setting. I had only run mine on 5/5 once when I first bought my car last Summer. Running at 5/5 feels more like I expected the car to ride when I first brought it home. I'm always amazed how nicely it rides on 2/2.
5 DOT 0 said:
Thanks guys.

I also ordered some M14-2.0 10.9 Spec Strut Nuts from Vorshlag. They should allow a bit more camber adjustment if needed.


I'm not sure why you would need a smaller strut nut. I run MM plates and the nut is not the limiting factor. Not sure where this information came from that the nut hits the opening. ???
2012YellowBoss said:
Yea those nuts must be for the pre-10 or 11's. They changed them at some point.
They changed the strut mounts in 2011. You have to pay attention to that when ordering suspension parts. You can use 2005-2010 parts on the 2011+ but you have to get the correct strut mounts. For example MM makes a c/c plate for 2005-2010 that is MM-5CC-1 and for 2011+ it's MM-5CC-6. Depending on what struts you are using, you order the corresponding strut mount/camber plates.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
All this talk has me itching to put my Roush Trak Pak kit on the car....eeeeeek! :eek:

I just need to hurry up and get a house in an area with fewer speedbumps... ::)

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