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Ford vs Ferrari Movie Release Date: November 15th!

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The wife and I went to the FvF flick today. We practically had the whole place to ourselves at the matinee showing. We both really enjoyed it. I'm sure some purists will shred some of the details....but that's not me ..... I couldn't stop speeding all the way home. !!!

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Saw it on Saturday. I'm impressed that the women liked it too, and even both my parents who saw it last night liked it. Wifey even said she'd see it again in the theater. We almost did today, but saw The Good Liar instead.

The only detail that bothered me were the green walls at Willow. They bothered to CGI the buried tires, but couldn't make the walls white? I could ignore the rest of the little wrong details and CGI.
I noticed the tires as well which also reminded me of Riverside Raceway. How freakin dangerous was that?
Most of you have never heard of Doug Nash, I had the pleasure of meeting him once. The Gt40s originally had Colletti gear boxes and they would not hold up, this was alluded to in the film during the development stage. The guy that fixed this was Doug Nash, it was him that basically created the trans used in the race cars that could go 24 hours. Doug was a very cool guy, he left Ford, and developed his own trans, the Nash 5 speed, based on the Gt40 unit. The bit of brilliance in this was that it did not use an overdrive, which is inherently weak. In the Nash unit 5th was direct, this had some great advantages. The first 4 gears could be tailored to several different ratios for any track. (as an example if you needed to go 150 mph you ran a ..3.55 final drive, if you needed to go 200, you ran a 3.08 final drive in the diff, this also cut wear on the diff as well) Later this trans was used in drag cars and was eventually banned in pro stock because it was faster than the Lenco planetaries that were then used (the DN was also about $5K cheaper). The trans could also be split in half and you could see and rotate the entire assembly in the half that was on the bench for diagnostics. It was also the evolution that created the Jericho and the Liberty units.


Just got home from the movie. Went to the afternoon matinee with my daughter. A total of 4 of us in the theater. I thought it was great.
I'm not a history guy, and don't know much about racing history, so nice to see earlier posts that it was pretty accurate.
Agree with the red folder piece - way too much mid management gets in the way. Saw it in the Air Force, and even more in my second life.
Yep, hard-charging successful people can also be a little hot-headed--to a large extent they go hand-in-hand. Its what gives people like Carroll and Ken the tenacity to be successful. Fighter pilots I served with are the same. Hard charging, dedicated, and don't put up with other's shtuff -- because their lives depend on it.


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Took the wife to see it last weekend. Didn't drive the Boss to it (had to drop kiddos off at grandparents). Told my wife this is why I wanted to name our impending boy "Miles." [emoji1787]

For those that don't know, our daughter is Shelby.

Anyways, we both loved it. Wished we saw it in the theater with better sound because well those engines!

Electric cars can't do that!

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If my wife is up to seeing the movie next week, I'll see it again.

I expectations for accuracy, at least from Hollywood, were met. Not perfect, but close enough.

Very entertaining.

If you are waiting to go......why??


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Saw it Saturday with my Mustang club. It produced quite a few chuckles and a few heartfelt moments. Leo Beebe was portrayed as a jackass, Iaococca as a nice guy and made Carroll Shelby out to be nicer than he really was. Overall it is worth seeing more than once.
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Saw it Saturday night with my wife. No IMAX showings any more. Pretty nice crowd. One of the big theaters in my area dropped the movie after Friday's showings which surprised me but then they gotta make room for Frozen II :rolleyes:. It was entertaining. Love the cars and the sounds. My wife enjoyed the lighter moments but she needed some clarification on some of the "motorsport" terms. Definitely a movie for everyone and I'm glad they did it for the sake of that era of racing.

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