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Garage Photo thread

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I've noticed many garages while looking at some of the photos posted on this forum and it seems like some here have Boss 302 shrines of sorts. I'm not going to post a pic of mine right away as after seeing a glimpse of NFSBOSS's garage I can't handle the mockery that would follow.
So how about it guys, the garage pics that you've worked so hard on to make a shrine or mechanics paradise for your pride and joy Boss 302.










Here is my build thread over at Garage journal. Please note the Pinz has been sold to make room for the Boss :) I'm still under construction, but I do get to use the lift quite frequently.
Here's a few of mine. I've had the Race Deck for over a year now and I like it a lot but it's not perfect. I'm not sure there is a perfect garage flooring though. I just added another Accupark, the little bumps that help you park your car in the correct spot, and it was easy to remove existing tiles to install the ones needed for the Accupark.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

It's not fair that those of us that had to tunnel through all the crap in our garage just to find a place to park our Boss have to look at the pics in this thread. NFSBOSS, please move this thread to the Porn section of the forum... :mad:

Wow! Two great garage setups. I forgot to mention that other than Boss shrines, mechanics paradises there are those who have a detailers dream in the garage (Zaino Justin).

Here's my less than worthy garage, although still in winter mode. To keep moisture down around the car I've used a tarp, old section of carpet and some shipping blankets. Not a shrine or mechanics paradise nor a deatailers dream, so let the pointing and laughing begin.

IMAG0289 by thatsme20, on Flickr
I realized the site I linked requires an account to view pics. I uploaded a few so they can be seen here. Its a 24 x32 detached with a 3/4 width loft. The ceiling is vaulted in the other 1/4 for lift headroom. The door on the lift bay opens along the roof pitch so I can have a car or truck lifted at full height with the door open. The 4 post lift has 2 bridge jacks on it so I can lift the car off the ramps to remove the wheels etc.

WP_20130507_002 by ny55oval, on Flickr

WP_20130507_001 by ny55oval, on Flickr

WP_20130302_001 by ny55oval, on Flickr

WP_20130117_002 by ny55oval, on Flickr


Kerry, San Diego

OK, I see a Sam Adams beer sitting on the spoiler of the Boss.

OK, I see exercise equipment sitting in the garage.

Which gets used more?

a. Sam Adams
b. the Boss
c. The exercise equipment
d. Both a and b.

OK, I'll be the first. I'm not too proud to show my junk filled garage. The latest addition when the weather warmed up was the Jeep hard top. I couldn't figure out any better place to put it. :p

JB what are the all terrain vehicles in these photos and where do you live?

The truck is an 1975 Pinzgauer. It is a swiss military troop carrier bought from the Swiss army and imported about 10 years ago. 4 cylinder air cooled with portal axles and front/rear lockers, also available as a 6x6. Made in the same factory as the Mercedes G Wagen. Go on youtube and look up Pinzgauer to see what they can do, they're very capable vehicles. I actually sold it and the Miata just recently to help pay for the Boss. I live in NY but the truck is now in Canada.
WOW that is some garage and lift you have they JB.
NFSBOSS you have quite the Boss shrine and it appears an alter with Boss offerings on the wall.
Boss0960 now that's closer to what I have going, so now if they point and laugh I'm not alone.
Tuscon302 looks great and golf clubs look ready to go in the trunk to speed off to make that tee time.

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