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Installing the Transmission Cooling Scoop

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It can be done easily without even using a jack, wheels on the ground, if you have the right size ratcheting box wrench. IIRC clearance was an issue with a socket, since I only had a long socket in the size. I actually let my 13 year old nephew do it because he loves cars and has skinny arms to fit under there ;D


I can't even get my head under the car without ramps.... :'(
The trailing edge of my scoop seemed to be loaded up against the trans when I installed it. I noted I would hear it 'ringing' whenever I hit a bump or even when I closed the door. Added a strip of thick hi temp duct tape on the edge that was contacting the trans and noise went away.
Mine scraped one time, on a deep dip I had to swerve into because some idiot stepped out into the street in front of me. I have not had any other issues, but I do try to hit them at an angle because I am used to a lower car.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
CaliMR said:
I don't think it is supposed to be touching like that, I will check next time the car comes out.

You're correct--it should not be touching. The proper gap when installed is very small at the rear, however, maybe about 1/4".


jeepinocala said:
How much lower is the trans scoop?

Lower than the cross bar it replaces? Probably 2" or so. When I get under to do my oil change I'll measure.
jeepinocala said:
When installed is the trans scoop the lowest point of the car?
The wheels are. The scoop is the second lowest. ;)



Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
5 DOT 0 said:
IMO it's not needed for street or strip. I've scraped mine several times on peaked driveways and speed bumps.
I put one on mine as the shifter and trans itself just got way to hot for the short 20mile drive home. since its in the shifter atleast feels cooler. But I think you are right probably doesnt do anything. I do like it for longer drives. figure that trans can use all the help it can get

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