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Making Track Video w/ a GoPro

Question about making track videos. I've made several w just my GoPro Hero 3, and 2 before that. My question is how do guys add the data? Speed, track location, etc etc?

What is the easiest way to add such things to a GoPro 3 set up, or is it a completely different camera set up all together? :(

Step by step, piece by piece instructions would be helpful. LOL

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
You first will need a system to collect the data, I purchased an OBDII reader that was wireless and enabled me to collect it on my iPhone. I also used an app called TrackAddict which used GPS on my phone and saved track data. Then using Race Render software I combined all the data and GoPro video. Others with deeper pockets have the AIM system that collects all the data and then combine it with the video, point being there are options. I now have the RaceCapture Pro system that reads all the OBDII data and has its own GPS system and then combine that with video using Race Render. Hope that helps.

Grant 302

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It depends on what data you want to collect.

A phone with Harry's laptimer using the phone's internal GPS will get you granular speed and position data, including fairly accurate laptimes and sector splits...error in the hundredths sec.

Adding an external GPS unit would increase the accuracy of the position data giving better speed and acceleration.

Adding an OBDII connection will give you access to PCM data like RPM, actual speed, temps, etc.

Stand alone data aquisition systems can collect all of that separately.

After you collect the data and video, you can compile/merge it all using software like RaceRender.

Hope that helps.
Ok, lots to look into. lol

In your opinion, are these reasonably easy to set up the first time, or a big learning curve? ;)

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
SCGT500 said:
Ok, lots to look into. lol

In your opinion, are these reasonably easy to set up the first time, or a big learning curve? ;)

It wasn't too challenging but I work in IT for a living. Race Render is a good product that is pretty easy to learn.

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