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MGW Install DS loop problem

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Just a heads up: the second version of the MGW shifter has long studs that protrude out the bottom of the shifter box. They switched to the studs instead of bolts to hold the bottom half together to make the install easier, but the studs are longer than they need to be. No problem... Unless you also have a BMR drive shaft loop. So if you already did or plan on installing a loop, just make sure you trim the studs a bit before you install or else you will have to pull things apart later. The loop will fit, but the gap is maybe 1/16" and I have to add some washers (ds too close) that more than fill that gap. Definitely not enough once the engine is bouncing around!
The biggest problem is you won't realize there is an issue until you put the rear bracket on and you are pretty much finished at that point. I am now without a loop, but I don't drag or do burnouts, so even though I have an aluminum DS it was maybe overkill?
Update: I don't have the optional heatshield and it looks like you need most of the extra stud length to secure that to the shifter. So if you get a shield you might be out of luck. I am not sure how much movement there is of the shifter and trans at that spot since the trans mount is horizontally only a few inches away. But the shifter is on an arm that allows for vertical movement.


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i don't know how they interface, but could you just drill clearance holes to allow the studs to poke through the loop?
I could but I would rather not mess around with the one component that might prevent the axle and me from getting intimate if it ever breaks :) I am sure trimming the studs won't cause a problem. I can leave enough there for a nut if I ever need the heat shield. The shield looks like it only requires about 1/16" plus the securing nut and lock washer.

Side note: I emailed MGW to let them know and they indicated that they already adjusted the studs. The one I have was made early 2012, and the instructions indicated it was the second version.

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