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O.T. - possible twin turbo 5.0 for 2015

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"Rumor has it that this will also be offered along with the current supercharged version of the 5.0 in the FRPP Cobra Jet Mustang, but to qualify a certain amount will need to be offered in a street version too.

NHRA competition rules for the stock classes Cobra Jet races in require parts like turbochargers to be derived from production components. Borg-Warner has supplied smaller, more efficient turbochargers based on the units used in the Focus ST for the Cobra Jet concept. Smaller than those found in most other drag racing applications, the turbine wheels are made from titanium aluminide that reduces the rotational inertia by 50 percent. Along with a shaft riding on low-friction ball bearings, the compressors can spin up to 150,000 rpm almost instantly."

Interesting to say the least...I guess time will tell.
I wouldn't hold my breathe for a TT 5.0 in a Mustang street car, though I would like to see it. Like how the Boss 429 homologated the motor for the NASCAR Torino, and the street 429 was pretty different from the race version, they could stick it in a truck or just use similar turbos in some other motor such as the EcoBoost V6. It says it needs to be derived from a production part, and though I have not read the NHRA rules, usually rules like that are pretty loose. Getting it to pass emissions and stuff would also be a hurdle.

But we can always hope ;D
Remember when I was saying we need a street legal drag car? Something that will do 9's and 0-60 in 2.5? Well here it is.. All 'cept the street legal part.
It would be cool if FR offers that in a kit.

We've been discussing it here:
There is speculation the next generation shelby will be a 5.0 TT being that the 5.8 won't fit in the next gen 'stang.

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