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Pics of my car with wheels installed

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I picked up my car last Monday and got my GT 500 wheels installed today. I think they are a definite improvement. I wasn't too crazy about the OEM wheels.


I like those wheels. :D
I love the satin/matte look of the wheels with the reflective stripes! It blends out of this world.

Leaves me with the question as to why they didn't change the wheels to a matte/satin for 2013 with the stripes.... It would have looked better IMO....But I still love the stocks.
That really looks nice!! I always liked the old Minilights Ford was trying emulate but the new Boss wheels just missed the mark for me. Like killerwilll said, if they had just been a matte or black powder finish it would have looked so much better, but gloss black.....

Hard to beat a dark wheel on a white car. If I get a 13 or 14 Shelby will likely go white with black stripes simply because the dark wheels look so good against white.

I like the wheels on the 2013 GT500 but they will be even more of a PITA to clean than the ones I have. I've even thought of selling mine and doing something else.

IMO the stock wheels didn't look good on either year and they didn't last 24 hours on my car. I still use mine on occasion but I really don't like them. I'd like to find a take off set of the 2013 LS wheels.
If Ford had painted the OEM wheels silver to more closely match the Mini Lites, I would have kept them. Of if the entire wheel had been gloss black, I would have had a red stripe painted on the lip and kept them. But as it was, they're just a fail in my book.

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