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POLL - How do you use your Boss?

What is your Boss' PRIMARY role in life?

  • Daily Driver

    Votes: 37 27.2%
  • Weekend Warrior

    Votes: 67 49.3%
  • Track/Autox Monster

    Votes: 17 12.5%
  • Show/Other

    Votes: 15 11.0%

  • Total voters

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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow
I thought it might be fun/interesting to know how everyone uses their Boss. For many of you guys on here, it's a second or third car-- the kind of expensive toy every man should have (not to exclude any of the female Boss owners!!). For some of us, they're our primary mode of transportation.

While most of us will use the car for a little bit of everything, just indicate your car's primary use. And no, I didn't include impressing friends, terrorizing neighbors, and picking up chicks as categories....
Mine's a weekend warrior with 6-8 track days planned each year. I did drive it to work today though.
I don't drive mine to work so it won't get banged up in the parking lot, but I do go for jaunts every day when I get home as long as the weather is not threatening. It's good therapy for a stressful day at the job.
DD and just turned 18k on the odometer. I drive my truck if it rains, which is not very often around here these days.

In two weeks I'll be hammering down at Sears Pt with the Shelby Club.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Track Rat 100%. She gets angry at me if the asphalt I'm on has stop signs, red lights or lane markers ;D
Track animal about 20 days a year, daily driver when it's not sitting on the trailer with track wheels on it, a race seat and no passenger this week....then the old GT500 gets some love. :D
Mine's not a DD and I don't plan to track it, but I have been known to take some early morning jaunts up some of our nicer 2-lane Ozarks roads and do some "spirited" driving.

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Exp. Type
Time Attack
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20+ Years
Blair, Nebraska
Daily driver , but set up to take advantage of track time whenever it becomes available. So far this year on day at the track , after instructing, and three autocrosses. Hope to get in at least 5-6 more days at the track prior to the Winter.

Winter time it is a garage queen and will likely find a junker to drive to work in the snow, so 2013 may no longer see it as a daily driver.
Nice weather weekend use, car cruises/shows and little bit of a garage queen. I don't plan on tracking the car but I have taken it for a few spirited drives on some back twistys.
Track Toy, but I'm all about an evening social/car show, driving to work means changing tires, pads and worrting about that person driving a clapped out toytoa while texting..........

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Mine is a weekend car and garage queen that does see track duty. The GT is supposed to be the track car and daily driver...but there's some blending of their uses.

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