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R6 or A6 for Double Track/Auto-X Duty?

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Bought one set each of 295/40-18 Hoosier R6 and A6 tires, plus a set of 18x10 F14s to mount them on. Plan of running some HPDEs plus some Auto-x this spring/summer. A second set of track wheels isn't in the budget right now, so must make do with one set of tires for now pulling double duty. I'm inclined to go with the R6s for now and sacrifice some auto-x grip for longer wear. I do plan to buy another set of track wheels, though, when cash flow allows.

What say you experts on the subject...? Thank you!
That's exactly the two sets of tires I got and I will be using the R6's first on 18x10 302r wheels.
I will have to invest in a second set of wheels for wets eventually though.
IMO they are 2 different applications, on one hand the auto-x does not provide a warmup (at least most don't) where the road course will allow the tires to warm up to temp. They are 2 separate types of compounds. However try this, take your OLD sets of road course tires, soak them with traction enhancer and use that set for the auto-x (providing they aren't corded or totally worn out) this way you can get some life out of the old least temporarily. If you do run the A6 I'd definitely scuff them in first, if you want them to last very long.

Here's what Hoosier has to say.....

Have you often wondered which Hoosier race tire would work the best? You are not alone! Many racers have experimented from the A6 to the R6, and some brave souls have sacrificed time and money to find out what applications could work best and get you around the track fastest.

It is common knowledge that the R6 is more for track racing, while the A6 is more about autocross type of racing. Where do the lines blur though? From the feed back I have heard coming back, many racers who have short qualifying runs, or even lower lap races the A6 can actually cut their track times. Is your track day sprint usually under 30 minutes? Are you an experienced driver with a well set up car? You may be able to get slightly faster and quicker times running the A6 in the place of the R6. Know this though you will use that tires life quickly, and a 30 minute run may be just the limit for the A6 on a track. If the day/track is extra hot, that may even be pushing it. In the name of going fast....all is fair in love and war...and racing!
Tulsa, OK
I'll mimic blacksheep. My thoughts are that they are for two distinct purposes. But maybe the line is more blurry than I think. IMO I would stick with the A6 for auto-x and the R6 for open track.
If you could qualify on the A6 then run on the R6, that would be the ticket if it was a normal 2 lap qualifier, but when you qualify en'mass then that would require a tire with some longevity, keep in mind the post about tire life/ heat cycle and the importance on scuffing them as well. The fastest laps in a tire are within the first 5, but you kill the tire life by abusing them early in their life cycle.
Thanks for the responses guys. Mounted up the R6s yesterday... with proper break-in heat cycling (will follow Hoosier's recommended procedure on their website) hoping I can get close to a whole track season out of 'em, realizing that may not happen.

Will be buying another set of wheels for the A6s for auto-x sometime later this spring, when/if budget allows.

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