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SN95 Rear brake line leak after replacing rubber lines?

I replaced the rear rubber lines with new raybesto BH381284 from rock auto. I noticed today they have a slow leak. After install I bled the brakes, cleaned everything, and bedded in new pads.

Any advice to remedy? Try tightening harder? Some pipe dope or thread tape?

passenger side seems to be seeping from threads one drop hangin onto the bottom of the metal line that loops over to driver side. Input from front is dry


Driver side same thing - looks to be seeping from thread drip coming down from metal line.

Go back and do it again, unfortunately. Don't use any type of sealing compound or teflon tape on the threads, because the important part is where the flares meet inside the connection. I've seen some pretty janky flares on aftermarket hoses, I've even had to use some extremely corse rubbing compound or valve grinding compound and "lap" the connections together. I keep an old fitting around and put it in a drill to do that, (pretty sad commentary on the state of manufacturing) but if those flares are not clean and don't mate up, they will leak.
Sorry for the bad news.
In the V6L
The rubber brake lines are fine, it's the flare fitting that's leaking. A flare fitting will leak if it's not tight enough or if it's too tight. Once one's been over tightened, the face of the flare is damaged and the leak is permanent.

What worked for me was putting one of these in each flare fitting: Copper SECO 7's will work too.

Sealed up, no leaks.
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