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The Boss 302 and the MT82 Issues.

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Without going into great detail, I just got rid of a '12 GT with the MT82, and bought a Boss. The GT experienced what I would term as the 'Whole Enchilada' of trans problems. I know the two cars share the same trans, and while you'll find a plethora of threads dedicated to the many trans problems on pretty-much any 'generic' Mustang forum/site, I didn't find any on here, nor on the only other site I found dedicated to the '12 Boss. Reason I bring this up is, having just got my Boss yesterday, the trans is already 'grinding' 2nd-through-5th gears, -OR- I'm going/have gone TOTALLY INSANE. It IS possible the problem(s), or at least some(getting locked out from a particular gear while shifting at higher rpm) of them emanate from a material in the trans and/or motor mounts that are too soft to hold all the torque when you're on the boil, thus allowing the motor and trans to flex too much in any direction, causing an alignment issue with the linkage or...
The Boss COULD have a stiffer material in it's mounts/bushings than the GT-which has soft rubber. If this were the case, then seeing a LOT more problems with the GT/V6 than the Boss would make sense.
It wouldn't have anything to do with any grinding of the gears while shifting however, but that's not what I'm getting at anyway.
I'm trying to find out the rough ratio of Boss owner's with NO trans problems vs. Boss owner's WITH trans problems. Since I really don't see anything on this forum about it, right now I'm thinking that there's just NOT the ratio of Boss owners with prob's to Boss Mustangs as a whole, that there are of Mustang(GT, 6cyl) owners with trans prob's, to total Mustangs produced(non-Boss). The feds are involved at this point, and from what they tell me, a recall is forthcoming, but that doesn't tell me if the 'problem' that BOTH my GT and my Boss share is common with OTHER Boss owners. Having road raced for the past 16 years, I've driven cars with UBER-smooth shifting transmissions(especially in recent years). Is the 'grinding' I'm seeing with the MT82 just a sloppy, but HARMLESS design 'issue', that while making for 'rough' shifting, doesn't ultimately affect the durability of the transmission? Or is what I'm experiencing with my Boss just the beginning, and it'll soon start locking me out while trying to up-shift, and/or grab reverse when I put it into 1st, just like what happened with the trans in my '12 GT
So I ask anyone who reads this post, please let me know if you've experienced the same grinding 'issue', and if so over time/miles do they continue to be 'noisy' shifting transmissions, but are ultimately reliable? -OR- NO you haven't experienced any grinding, getting locked out of gear while shifting etc..?
I appreciate any info you could give me on this.
I haven't gotten my BOSS yet...ETA 9/19...But the Trans issue has been brought up by several members of this forum, most recently by 5 DOT 0. He related that his grinding issues ( mostly 1st to 2nd gear) have kind of worked out as time & miles went by. It seems this problem is "few & far between" but still bears watching. I'm sure other members who have had this problem will chime in.
I have not had any issues with my Boss and have about 1900mi. so far. As far as those of you who have had issues, Ford should be replacing not repairing the transmission, and you should'nt be waiting for the problem to work it's way out.
Mine has gotten better but I still get an occasional grind into second. I drove a Boss at Track Attack this week and that car was marginally better than mine. I'll complain once again when I go to the dealer but I'm not worrying about it too much. Mine shifts fine at high rpm's and I've never missed a shift other than sixth gear that I can recall.
Thanx guys..!
For those of you that are getting the grinding.. Has it stayed consistent, or has it gotten worse/better over time? I got rid of my GT with roughly 2800 miles on it...anybody here have 5k or more miles with the grinding? If so, I assume it started early like mine did, but I'd like to know if it started with one gear, then picked up other gears as the mileage progressed? And whether it's stayed consistent, or got worse...or even if the TSB 'repair' actually FIXED your problem :eek:..? FWIW,the TSB is supposed to address 'Rough' shifting in 'cold' environments. I laughed when the dealer told me that's what they were doing to my car. I had been out in Palm Springs the previous two days, where it was ONE-HUNDRED-AND-ELEVEN-DEGREES(they had a gnarly heat wave back in late June) :D Yeah...thinner fluid DEFINITELY is gonna help when you're driving in triple-digit temps, which has probably already thinned out the trans/clutch fluid beyond the thin side of it's viscosity rating as it was.
One factor we gotta pay attention to with these things is the NEED to have the clutch pedal basically ON THE FLOOR when engaging/disengaging. I'm also wondering if driving with 'flip-flops(et al)' even though you're shifting with the pedal bottomed out, could influence it in any way. Sometimes I'll go to the store to pick up chew late(r) at night, and simply step into my Reef's instead of freaking putting on socks and lacing up a pair 'O shoes.
If Ford's worth a piss, they'll move the engagement/disengagement point on the clutch UP. They use a Tremec in the 'R', and I guarantee that thing IS adjustable. If you think how many times you use the clutch per lap, then extend that out to a 4-6 hour race, think about how much time is wasted having to 'floor' the clutch every time to shift, as opposed to it disengaging 2-3 inches down from the top. Of course that wouldn't be prudent for a street car, as you'd be at the end of the adjustment right at the beginning, but being 'normal' like everyone else, and simply placing the engagement/disengagement point half-way down would be helpful.
Again..THANX for everyone's input!
I agree with you as far as the clutch activation point. I've noticed the same thing. Also, when you go to start the car, you've gotta have it pegged. I don't know if that's a separate switch on the clutch pedal or internal.
I have to peg the clutch on my 06 Steeda GT to start the car too. I have about 2400 miles on my Boss and no problems. I had it at the track last week and it worked well shifting. I've had a couple of lock outs on the street but I think that was my fault. Have not had any grinding.
I drove my car to work this morning and no grinding. I think mine has more to do with the clutch engagement as most of the time I have smooth shifts into second and fourth. As I previously stated mine has gotten better and is only a minor annoyance to me. I now have over 1,200 miles on my car and the shifting got better at around 800 miles.

The 302S uses the Tremec in the GT500 and the 302R uses a different transmission but I can't remember what it is. The 302R is desinged for endurance races and the 302S is designed for shorter races.
No issues with my tranny. 1st to 2nd does feel a bit less precise than the other gears, but nothing I'd call a problem. It just seems to me that is just how this transmission works. Still not used to skip shift, but I'm ok with it when it happens because I'm just driving normally around town then and when I'm banging the gears skip shift doesn't happen.

I'll been interested to learn what the gov't investigation reveals.
4500 miles and never had any grinding. A few miss shifts early on until I got use to the light effort and small gates of the shifter. That said, I don't drag race, nor do I drive like I'm in a drag race.
I haven driven over 7K miles and have had zero problems. I do not track or drag race the car. The car is given spirited drives and it all those drives nothing usual has occurred in shifting.


Over 700 miles and no problems............ANYWHERE! (knock on wood) This is absoluty the best car I have owned. (and i've owned plenty) Terrific build quality, paint job is amazing interrior is quiet and perfect. I have given it a few bursts, one time here shortly a 1st, 2nd, 3rd 7000 hard shifting jaunt and the shifter worked as if it were an automatic. I hope I haven't jinxed myself. I have maybe a theory, maybe the first lot of transmissions were not up to par, remember it seemed like there was a lul in delivery afterthe first runs, maybe Ford called the trans maufacturers and blasted their QC?...........Then, a shipment of "better built"? transmissions were sent and installed......I dunno..........remember we get to hear just about every boss on here so theres a good chance out of a few thousand cars were going to hear of a few bad eggs. Hope everyone has good luck with their car.
I currently own a 2003 mustang cobra and I am getting the itch for a boss 302. Just heard about the tranny problems and am wondering if they will put a tremec in next year. I would think that a gt500 transmission would not work as well because the gear ratios are different than that of the Boss's. That could really affect its performance in a negative way IMO because the engineers at Ford have obviously done a remarkable job matching everythin on this new car. the ratios are as follows:

leguna seca tranmission drive ratios
First 3.66
Second 2.43
Third 1.69
Fourth 1.32
Fifth 1.00
Sixth 0.65
Final drive 3.73:1

boss mustang
First 3.66
Second 2.43
Third 1.69
Fourth 1.32
Fifth 1.00
Sixth 0.65
final drive 3.73:1

2012 gt500 tremec 6060
First 2.97
Second 1.78
Third 1.30
Fourth 1.00
Fifth 0.74
Sixth 0.50
Final drive 3.55

I don't know if tremec makes a 6 speed with the same ratios as the mt82. Sounds to me like the syncrons in the 2nd gear can't take a lickin and keep on tickin. Had that problem with a t-5 in a 93 cobra after I supercharged it. I hope Ford resolves this issue for this is one bad ass car. I am an old timer and I can tell you from the muscle cars of the 60's and 70's that the term "They don't build them like they use too!!" all I can say is thank God they don't .
I am inclined to believe that some of the drivers that are complaining of this problem with the transmisssion are power shiifting and slamming the gears at very high rpms. Not good for the syncros. I am hoping that the prices come down on these cars later in the year or maybe next years models. Being a car saleman once for 7 years makes me not want to pay sticker. I had a little patience on my 2003 cobra and picked it up for 500 over invoice. Its been a great ride. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a Boss on the Highway to see what a 60 roll does against my car. thanks for the welcome.


welcome to the site. I drooled over the cobras when they were out. You have a nice car but 390 HP vs 444 plus some different areodynamics, unless your car is modified I'm not sure how you'll fair against the Boss........would be intresting though!
My 03 cobra makes 462 rwhp on the dyno
Probably sound 500 at the crank. I
Have Nittos on the rear for better traction
I have tried other drag radials (bf goods) and
Was very disappointed in the mileage
I got out of them. I have been looking
On YouTube for a boss cobra race but
There are none.
Cars owned:
1993 cobra supercharged
2003 cobra (still own)
2003 Kawasaki 1500 meanstreak
1965 Pontiac got
1974 Pontiac trans am
1983 mustang gt
1965 Pontiac got

curb weight of the 2012 Mustang and the 2003 Mustang Cobra are almost the same.
The 373 axle in the Boss is a slight advantage over the 355 axle in my car for low end acceleration. ( if you can put
it to the ground!!) Try the Nittos guys. mUch better traction than the stock tires if your spinning at the light.
You'll get around 10,000 miles on them if your not too crazy about smoking your tires. ( I am a little too old for that and a little
too cheap!)

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