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Thinking about selling her

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Lately I have thought about selling my baby, more for financial reasons. Not that I can't afford the car, but been thinking about finding a cheaper toy to run around the track with. My wife has a 2013 FR-S that she really isn't digging and I could easily take over by getting her another car. The car is really fun to drive and would be a pretty fun little track car.

Am I crazy? I haven't even tracked my car yet. I know I would really miss it, especially the heritage and power of it.
It's just a car and can always be replaced. But compared to an FR-S? No way! Sell the FR-S and buy her something else.
You posted this because it is an obvious cry for help. Do not do it, you will regret it. The FRS is a nice car, but the novelty will wear off. Can you say that about the Boss?

Seriously though, do what you feel is best and will make you happy. If the car you drive is important to you, the decision will be clear.
If you are truly in a financial hardship situation, then that's certainly a reason....... However, if you can make it work, keep the car. I think you will regret it if you sell......
Don't do it unless you have to financially. You will regret it. If you must sell do it conditioned on a right of last refusal. That means if the person you sell it to ever decides to sell you get to match whatever the price is that they are going to accept in a sale to another person. People think about a right of first refusal but then the seller comes at you with an abnormally high price, which you won't accept, then they move on to sell it to someone else. You may be able to find another one later down the road when times get better for you if you have to sell this one or you can do both buy another and sell the current one with a right of last refusal. Maybe you have a family member or a friend you can sell it to if you have to sell. Hard decision. Wish you the best.
Well, FR-S/BRZ was one of the cars i was looking into when i bought the boss. It would've been alot smarter decision to get the FR-S. It fit all my criteria... 2 door, rwd, and manual.

FR-S is also alot more affordable at the track... since it's easier on the consumables (e.g. tires, brakes, fluids). BUT, i kept reading about the boss and how good it was, and i took the bate lol. I'm glad i did, because the boss is a great car, and i was tired of getting passed by everyone in the advance group in my corolla lol. it's just going to be a little pricey to track and take me a bit longer to get used to the power.

So... how often are you planning on tracking the car?
I know for me, it was easier to get in and out of the boss compared to the FR-S. and since the car was going to be a DD, that had some weight to it. so, good luck with your choice lol :p
F.D. Sako said:
FR-S is also alot more affordable at the track... since it's easier on the consumables (e.g. tires, brakes, fluids). BUT, i kept reading about the boss and how good it was, and i took the bate lol. I'm glad i did, because the boss is a great car, and i was tired of getting passed by everyone in the advance group in my corolla lol.

The FRS is fun to drive, I think actually more balanced then the Boss just has no power. It would be cheaper at the track which is part of the draw to it. I wish my Boss was about $300 less per month and it would even be a second thought.

I've been meaning to track it a few times per year. I'm signed up for a HPDE in March and Track Attack in April.
financially the fr-s makes more sense... maybe a little less adrenaline rush lol

if it is your first HPDE/track event, you may learn more in the fr-s. if you're already experienced, you'll have alot more fun in the boss.

let us know what you end up deciding. also, keep in mind you may loose some $$$ due to depreciation on the boss.
I hope I'll never have to make that decision because I lost my job or for medical reasons. I own mine out right, but family comes first and the car is secondary. There are plenty Boss's around for now, but in a couple of years I think it's going to be slim picken's and harder to find one that hasn't been thrashed. I haven't tracked mine yet ether and I keep saying I will, and I will, but I do know my Boss won't be go anywhere until I do. Good luck with your decision.
I also stuck my neck way out to get this car. Back in 93 I bought my mustang GT dream car(yes I have simple taste in cars). I drove it for 6 months and then the wife said she wanted to quit her 50k a year job and go back to school. I said yeah no problem. She comes back to me 6 months later and says I have to sell the GT because we can't afford it anymore. I bow down and take the hit and get an Escort wagon ( I can here you laughing). It took me 17 years before I got over that and came home with the BOSS. It took 6 months before she kicked me out because I cared more about the car then her. Apparently she has no long term memory of sacrifice. All said her schooling did nothing and my trading in the GT only encouraged me for better. No matter what my living situation is currently I have a big grin every time I start the engine. This car is a challange on several levels but I can't go back. I have over 22K on this car all street and highway in 1 year and never had so much fun driving. I can't wait for Track Attak. DON'T SELL IT!!
Hambone, I hear where you're coming from! I've had my BOSS a little over a year & have almost 12k miles ( no track time ) and can't get enough of this car! Obviously you've been more busy than me in your BOSS...good for you! My wife is also jealous about me & my BOSS but she has learned to live with it, since I still pay ALL the bills on time (smile). If anyone is lucky enough to have a BOSS they should try to keep it..IMHO
Still have the car... Don't want to make any rash decisions. I have BTA in April and a HPDE in March. Tracking is expensive!


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You know I do feel for these guys....BUT it happens every time a new, Great, Wonderful, got to have it Car comes along. You have guys and gals of all walks of life, that for one reason or another, felt like this was the car to bring life back into their world. I suppose we all have a special spot in our hearts for something, me I can remember from way back it's always been a 69-68 Camaro. I read every book, magazine and paper on them, studied it from head to toe and always thought I would one day own one.....Truth is I would still and could still fall for a original 68-69. I remember thinking when I heard the news that GM was coming out with a Camaro, that looked retro, this will be the time I get one. I was so pumped, I like the look of the drawings, and concept cars, and could not wait to buy one.... Then came the time I first saw one and sat in one, Oh my godd, it ws the largest let now I can remember in a long time. I truly wanted to like it, but could not get over how awful the interior looked, and the factory car looked nothing like the concept I remember falling for. Well, I never again looked at another Camaro....To this day I see them, but can only remember the let down , not the passion they once inspired.
For as long as I remember I was always a Chevy guy, didn't hate Fords or Mopars just didn't know anything about them or like what they offered. In fact looking back I was Brutal to those that liked anything but Chevy! We only had one Ford in our family since i was a kid, and that car was a old non running 1933 Ford Tudor that sat in our barn, and I always played in and took care of. I would feel the leaking tires and try to keep it nice, while playing in it. It sat like this from the time I was born, My father traded his then working 1934 Dodge coup for this Sedan, thinking he needed a larger car for the growing family. Well life happened and he never got around to fixing up the old Ford. Later in life when I was grown and had a family of my own, more grown and steady, I started to restore that old ford. While looking for a replacement engine, the Ford had a Flat Head in it, that was broken, I looked around for a Ford engine. I never cared for Ford, but always thought a Ford should have a Ford engine and likewise with other cars. At this point in my life, the standard Chevy 350/350 combo was about as boring as it came, and I could not do that to my Ford. So, I began to read about Modern Ford engines. Somehow, I feel in love with the Modular engine Ford built, and new that was the one for me. Of-coarse I feel for the 03-04 Cobra engine, the largest and most expensive of the breed, never the less, it was my engine. It was this engine that inspired me to start building these modular engines, something I simply enjoyed and did for myself. So, I suppose it was this engine that also led me to this car, the Boss 302. After all, this is nothing but the latest and best modular engine to date, and it's a Ford.
Because of this engine, I started looking at mustangs. My son bought a 2004 and started racing it, and I never having the ownership experience of a Mustang, wanted one of my own. I fell for the 2012 Boss, but because of greedy dealers and extraordinary prices, I did not purchase one. I waited and found a dealer that would order one for me, without the huge markup, so I wanted for my 2013. I had never driven a Mustang except for around the block in my sons car, not even a test drive at a dealer. But, when I took delivery of our new 2013 Ford, I was very pleased and have been since. I'm still working on that '33 Ford, and I still have the Boss, 2 cars I expect I'll have the rest of my life.
I do feel for those that bought on a whim or out of excitement. But it happens with every new and wonderful thing. I suppose your mistake might be the answer for somebody else that just could not swing that new car price.
I use to use this analogy on a motorcycle forum but it applies to this Boss 302 forum as well.
coming to a Boss 302 forum asking if you should sell your car is like walking into a bar and asking if you should stop drinking.

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