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Thinking of Trading in


Mustang owner since 84
I love my Boss and been very happy with it,, but, been thinking about a 2012 Shelby GT 500.
I've never tracked my Boss. All Drag racing. Looking at a Black with Red Stripes with SVT package, and Leather Recaro, Electronic Package, Navigation.
My car has 6k,Shelby has less than 3k.
Wondering if I'm making a mistake, I never even seen another Kona Blue Boss besides mine, Shelbys pretty popular.
Personally speaking, I'd keep the Boss. But, if I were gonna buy a GT500 it'd be a '13 or '14, no question. Have driven a '14 GT500 belonging to a good friend, and it is unreal. Pure brute force, but nose heavy and lacks the balanced, athletic feel of the Boss.
Look at the video in your signature 20 times and then sleep on it. ;) I also agree get a 2013 not a 2012.


Mustang owner since 84
1fastang said:
Would a supercharger on your Boss 302 get you to the power your after with the Shelby GT-500.
Yes, wife says if I ever try to sell the Boss, I'd never get any extra money out of it. Basically Supercharging Boss pretty much get same value on trade in or private sale
I had the same dilema when at the dealer having an oil leak looked at. Enquired at trading for a 2014 Shelby (always fancied a Shelby) but the 30k to change figure and all the good attention the Boss got by the salesmen made my mind up to stick with the Boss.
True Story: Last weekend my son and I were cruising around town in our Boss. We pulled into a convenience store to grab something to drink and two guys driving a new 2014 GT500 pulled in behind me to ask some questions about our car. The owner of the 662 HP asphalt melting bad boy really appreciated the Boss and made the comment that he sees GT500's all the time but rarely sees a Boss 302. 8)
GT500 are a dime a dozen around here, I see more GT500's than I do GT's and V6's combined... I know of 6 BOSS 302 (including mine) in the area.
I agree with everyone else, about the 13-14 Shelby, if your going to go that route, get the baddest one out there (which is 14 662HP). Only way you will ever get close to getting your MOD money out of sale is if you got BIG, like add the SuperSnake Package to the GT500... Then you will get a nice return on your investment, otherwise, you have to keep it low mileage and in about 20-25 years it "Could" increase in value...

Remember the difference between our "Modern Stangs" and the Classic Stangs are 95% of the classic are all metal... were our cars are about 70% roughly... So I have doubts (even thought I dream about), that our BOSS 302's will ever fetch the $150-$200K the 1970's are fetching... and if they do, most of us won't ever live long enough to see it... :(

Another reason the 14 GT500 is so expensive, is because its the last year for it from what I understand... 07-14 (7 year run). The rumor is in 15 they will bring GT350 back... and from what I hear the only way to get a GT500 after 2014 is to find one, or pay BIG$$$$ to have Shelby actually do it... (which will make the car much more valuable)... Shelby GT's (Not the mass produced GT500) hold their resale value quite well too...


Mustang owner since 84
I agree, Boss are barely seen on the road. Love the rarity it has. In 1/4 mile itsI probably as fast as the Shelby, but after the 1/4 different story. I still have 5 days to decide.


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Love the GT500 but it's no Boss. Think about why you got the Boss in the first place. If that reason is gone perhaps it is tyme to move on.

Best of luck with your decision.

Grant 302

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unrealford said:
In 1/4 mile itsI probably as fast as the Shelby, but after the 1/4 different story.

I think that's you're answer in there. How often are you running around over 110 mph on the street?

I couldn't see trading for a '12 GT500. Nice, but not very rare and going to be less desired over the years compared to the '13s and '14s.

If I was still drag racing, I'd get a 5.0 automatic and a kenne bell or TVS. 'Easy' 10.0 or 9's.
unrealford said:
Thanks guys, I've been searching for a 13_14,but there all $58k_$70*
unreal - check out this option for half the price. It makes 640 rwhp and 625 rwtq which would translate into ~750 crank hp which is much higher than the 2014. It has a Griggs GR40SS suspension with torque arm, Watts link and Koni yellow adj coilovers all around. The twin fan large capacity heat exchanger and reservoir would be perfect for drag racing. I ran it on the road course more than the 1/4, but with the right DRs you'd be in the low 10s easy. It also has a 2-piece aluminum/chromoly DS, 3.73 gears and a Tremec TR6060. I'm not pushing it since I know it will sell. I'm just going to use it as a deposit on a GT350 so not in any hurry, but it might be what you're looking for. Not to mention, ironically it's in your color.

Fomoco302 said:
Out of curiosity does anyone know how many GT-500's were produced each year?
Approx 7,400 07 GT500's built with higher numbers for the subsequent years - basically flooding the market. I purchased a new 07, paid a $9k ADM and drove 1/2 way across the country to get it. Later on I was very disappointed to learn Ford was going to continue to build the so called "limited production" Shelby's and got out of it 1 year later. Now they commonly show up as just another used mustang at the dealerships for relatively short money.
Just for comparison, both the 12 & 13 Boss production numbers are below 4000 units each and were only a 2 year run - much more deserving of the title "limited production".
With the exception of the 2014's, I think the Boss' will hold their value better over the long run.
I prefer road courses to 1/4 mile runs (w/power mods it went [email protected]) and find the Boss is much more fun to drive.
I didn't buy the Boss for investment but the lower production numbers and stable depreciation is definitely a plus.
I thought they were going to do a GT500 again in 2015? Regardless, I would wait and at least see what the new generation brings before buying a used 12,13 or 14. More used 13 and 14 will also show up on the market as people short sell for a new one if Ford releases something nice.

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