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Tremec Magnum XL swap

Thanks for your time and feedback. Very helpful.
I have found that 100 hp does make a difference, ..........on the straights.
Update: I ran Sonoma a few weeks ago. Gearing works very well there, with one important improvement over the OE MT-82. Since my gearing is now a little taller, I can hold 3rd gear exiting Turn 4 and all the way down thru the Carousel, and exit the Carousel in third in a nice power band, and upshift to 4th for the straight. With the MT-82, I HAD to upshift to 4th exiting Turn 4 into Turn 5 and stay in 4th all the way round the Carousel and out onto the straight. Third gear gives me more control.

Exiting Turn 7 and entering the esses is the same: 3rd gear around T7, and then upshift to 4th exiting T7 and just before catching the first curbing on left at the top of the esses. Then 4th all the way down until braking and downshift for T11. Again, the gearing is taller but I'm in a good power band and the car is more relaxed exiting the esses and thru T9 and T10.

I'm still learning the new tranny and where the power is, but I can't find any real negatives. I'm trying to break my old habit of placing the shifter where "it's supposed to go" - like I had to with the MT-82. The Tremec works better if I remember to work it with a lighter touch and nudge it forward and pull it back.

Bottom line: Having a buttload of fun and not looking back...
Update: Ran Thunderhill again and getting more accustomed to the Tremec. Now up shifting to 5th on the front straight. Holding 4th just keeps the revs up too high, and if all things are executed well.... exiting T15 in 3rd with a bit of a short shift to 4th, then I can hit 5th just past mid straight. It’s a useful gear, not a stretch, thanks to the OD gear set I got and the 4:10 rear.

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