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Tremec T56 Magnum

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So, Tremec offers their magnum gearbox for the GT and Boss now, but I'm surprised at te gearing. The Boss 302's T82 is part of the reason it accelerates so well. I've read tons of complaints about the "Chinese" Getrag T82, but none of the complaints have been over the transmission gearing. The gearing selection makes it worlds less likely that I would ever opt to "upgrade" the gearbox.

How do the rest of you feel?
I agree about the rations and the Tremec used double overdrive gearing with 4th being 1:1.
cloud9 said:
5 DOT 0 said:
I agree about the rations and the Tremec used double overdrive gearing with 4th being 1:1.
That's not gonna work unless we can put down about another 100 rwhp.

I agree. My car puts 450rwt and the ratios from the T56/6060 work better for me than the 3650. I have driven the 5.0 and those gears work with that motor making it feel fast because the power band is fairly narrow and you have to keep the revs. up. The M82 gearing is probably better for a NA track day car and the T56 for a SC car....hmmm seems that was what Ford was thinking too. Now if you are willing to pay for a custom gear set in the T56 that transmission kills the M82 in every way, the shifter is to die for.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I had the .82 5th gear ratios in my 96 cobra both NA and SC and it worked great. If you swap to 4.10's with the trans swap it wouldnt make much difference I wouldnt think.

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