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What gauges are you running?

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I'm planning out my gauges and want to get an idea of what the rest of your run and which are more important than others. So far I already have a 2 5/8 Autometer Pro Comp Mechanical brake and oil pressure that I am going to run to the right of my tach in the middle of my cluster. Will also have a low oil pressure warning light. To the left of the tach I was thinking a fuel pressure gauge before the carb and water temp.

What else you running and what else might be important enough to put right in front of me. Plan on having other gauges I'll need in either the console, pillar or dash pod or combo.



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Consider a gauge with back lighting and pressure or temp warnings. Autometer makes a few lines which have this built in. When my water or oil temp are low, during warm up the gauge is back lit in green. When the temps go above a set point, the gauges light up in red. All other times the backlight is white.
will you track the car? If not, water temp, oil pressure and amp gauge are the old school min standards. For the track you will want oil temp also as a minimum. YMMV
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Gauges....what Gauges?


Totally depends on what you want to monitor.
With today's OBD ports I suppose all that's really necessary is water temp/oil temp/oil Pressure.
I on the other hand prefer to monitor everything in real time.
Overkill? Probably, but if there's an issue I know about it right away.

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Other option is to get an AIM or other system that will read everything right in front of your face mounted behind the steering wheel Easy to read without taking your eyes off the track and that alone can be worth seconds on a course.

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