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What Your Mustang Color Choice Says About You

Hmm I went from Kona Blue (DIB is about the same) to Race Red. Mine's pretty accurate. ::) What does your color say about you.

You’ve figured it out. You definitely want to purchase a new Mustang (about time). But what color do you want? You may not realize it now, but the color Mustang that you choose to purchase is incredibly important. The color of your vehicle says a lot, especially when that car is a Mustang. We’ve put together a handy little guide (mostly for fun) to help you make the difficult decision of choosing what color Mustang you’ll be cruising in.

The Mustang comes in 11 colors for 2016: Triple Yellow, Guard, Deep Impact Blue, Magnetic, Race Red, Shadow Black, Oxford White, Ingot Silver, Ruby Red Tinted Clearcoat Metallic, Competition Orange. What does your color choice say about you?

Triple Yellow - You’re definitely an adrenaline seeker, but not so much as your Ruby Red friends. You don’t always challenge the car next to you to a race, but hey, if they offer, you might as well.

Guard - Guard is the Mustangs very mysterious charcoal-esque color. Very likely a color to be used by some sort of superhero needing a nonchalant color for his sports car during the day.

Deep Impact Blue - You’re the type of person who bought a Mustang because you deserve it. Your car is a prize for all your hard work. It’s less about the thrill and more about the reward. Go you. You earned it.

Magnetic - Magnetic is a grayest of all grays. It is certainly the most non-descript of all color options. This probably means that you’re trying to stay humble with your new car selection. You really wanted a Mustang, but you didn’t want to be too showy about it. Nice compromise.

Race Red - Ahhhhh yes. The most revealing of all. You, sir or madam, bought a Mustang for the thrill. You’re looking to race and leave some tread behind you. Do your thing, but stay safe, Cowboy.

Shadow Black - You’re more elegant and sophisticated than people realize. Take pride. Keep it classic. Don’t forget to wash it.

Oxford White - Probably safe to say you’re a business man. You’re not as mysterious as your friend, Guard, but you’re not as crazy as your friend Ruby Red. You’re the jack of all trades, master of none. Way to go, Oxford White.

Ingot Silver - You’re calm. Some would even say too calm. Cool as a cucumber. Stay chill.

Ruby Red Tinted Clearcoat Metallic - You have the same crazy streak as your younger brother Ruby Red, and you used to be that adventurous. But things are different now. You’ve grown up a lot since your younger days, but you’ve still got that fire in you.

Competition Orange - You’re insane. You just can’t be tamed. No one can stop you. Fly high. You’re invincible.

Pretty accurate. I ordered a KB 2011 GT back in 2010 because I wanted the 5.0 but wanted to blend in. Then I wanted a KB Boss but the RR I ended up with was $18k less... But once I owned a Boss I started racing, so...I guess this fits me!

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