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#1237 Coming Home

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Well, its all official............2012 Yellow Blaze Boss 302 #1237 will be coming home a week from today.

Next Friday I fly down to pick it up and drive it home, putting on around 1,000 miles as we stop at family and friends. A GREAT way to break it in a little.

As soon as I get pictures other than from the dealer, I will post them! It's been a long, long wait and a couple days of headaches but I know 100% worth it!!!
I found one in Arlington, Texas and was able to get it for $700 over MSRP. Originally they wanted $1000 but when they heard I was flying down to get it, they reduced the price according to my $300 plane ticket.

So not only did they drop the price, but they will also send someone to pick us up in Dallas and drive us to Arlington. I couldn't pass up getting my original color for just a little over sticker.

On a side note, when I called my original dealer to get the deposit back the salesman informed me my order got scheduled this morning! Go figure.
Well thumbs up to you! The wait is over! Congrats again ;D So are you set for MPH at the end of September? Sounds like a fun/cheap weekend event!
Awesome! Flew to get mine too. You're gonna love it! Take a couple of pics at the dealership for the file.
Salesman just sent me several pictures but they are through his phone and not of the best quality. I will maybe post them once I figure out how to do so here or I may just put everything up when I get the car home.

This next week is going to go by SO VERY SLOW!!! Good thing I have alot to get done before she arrives. (Make garage space #1 Priority)
T Minus 4 days and counting!

I just need to know the proper way to break in the the time it's parked in the driveway, it should have around 1,200 miles on it. Starting from 7!
no cruise on the way home. run it up in the gears and then let it coast back down to seat the rings in right. other than that, drive it like you stole it.
suprmn said:
T Minus 4 days and counting!

I just need to know the proper way to break in the the time it's parked in the driveway, it should have around 1,200 miles on it. Starting from 7!
Congratulations. Where's the photos? You'll need to use an external photo hosting site like photobucket.
I will post up pictures when the car gets home and all trip photos downloaded.

Right now I am trying to stay patient, get much needed sleep and not drive my wife crazy with acting like a kid on Christmas morning! 61 hours and counting til she's mine!! LOL
Well, I finally made it home last night......1,260 miles later! All I can say is I'm impressed with everything about the car.

We drove from Arlington to Houston and even in the 107 degree heat, she had no problems. With only 230 miles on her, one of the local cops near Houston got to see her up close as he pulled me over. Luckily though it just ended in a warning.

For the first 300 miles, I just did as many have her up and down the gears while allowing her to slow down naturally. Then after was let her loose!!

My wife was happy and pleased with the Recaro seats.....she was worried about how comfortable they would be on such a long trip. She didn't complain once! And when it came time for the first fuel up, we both got a good laugh because neither of us could find out how to open up the fuel door.....LOL!

On our trip, we even found a town called Mustang, Texas! Nothing there really....all we could do to find a sign was a "Caberet" which had the word MUSTANG in neon (daytime). I will post some pictures as soon as I can get to it.

And finally, when we got home I needed a name for her! So I asked my neice whose 3 what she should be named and after a few questions she had for me the name was decided. Since I wouldn't have any money for awhile (mainly to get her treats) and only had loose change on me, she said a good name for my car would be "PENNY"!

Since that is all I had in my pocket......pennies! I will be taking "PENNY" to her first car show on Wednesday.
Hey Suprmn, When you got pulled over ( for going a little too fast?), Did the cop have any comments or remarks about your BOSS? or was he strictly business with the "Lic, down" routine. Maybe he was a little curious about your ride, although there must be quite a few BOSSES in Texas by now. I haven't seen one in CT yet...maybe they're all 4q allocations, like mine, LOL.

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