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driver's side rear wheel sticks out farther than passenger side...

Hey guys, tried searching for this but couldn't find much.

Noticed the other day that my driver's side rear wheel sticks out farther than the passenger side. I haven't measured exactly, but I'd guess it's at least an inch difference using the edge of the fender as a reference.

Anyone else had the same issue?

The car is completely stock, no suspension mods and original wheels and tires. I'm still under warranty, so I'll probably end up taking it in to the dealer anyway.


Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
If you mean that it's off-center by about 1/2"...I could believe it, but that sounds a bit out of tolerance.

None of the cars are very well centered out of the factory, but I think about 1/4" off center is closer to the norm.
Hey Nas302,

Welcome to the world of straight axle mustangs. I too had the same issue and I too thought it was some crazy manufacture defect. I would suggest you read up on panhard bar setups and how the straight axle shifts to the passenger side as the car is lowered. With a stock ride height (monster truck status), the panhard bar (which is fixed in length) pulls the axle toward the drivers side due to the extra vertical suspension height. As the car is lowered, the axle moves towards the passenger side as the vertical suspension height is reduced, and the axle centers with the body. Of course it is never perfect with a fixed length panhard bar so people will buy an adjustable panhard bar to center the axle. I personally bought a watts links which makes use of the panhard bar's mounting position and also adds a second link to eliminate the axles motion in the discussed direction (which is a bigger problem when compared to centering the axle).

simple explanation -


Grant 302 - Absolutely right, I kind of skipped right over that. Could be exaggerated by the way the car is standing?
Thanks for the info guys! Great explanation sadil.

I figured a solid axle would have some play side to side, but this does seem like a bit too much. I guess I have a date with my dealer.
Unless you planed some suspension mods, I personally hate going to the dealer but to make sure somethings not whacked it is your safest bet, if you have a good one.
I believe Ford used the same panhard as on the GT, but the Boss suspension is already lower than the GT and mine was definitely offset because of that. If yours is offset the other way, then that is something to have checked out. Mine was off only a little, but was very noticeable with new wheels/tires. The offset can change a bit depending on the surface the car is sitting on, too. So find a fairly level surface and check with a string and fishing weight hanging from the fender. If it is way off still, then I would definitely check out the PHB mounting points, like racered302 mentioned.

The dealer can't adjust it, the bar is solid, as well as the mounts (AFAIK). If there is no damage but it is still way off, yo might be able to get a FRPP PHB for free to fix it :)

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