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Got my #17's on my car. Whatcha think?

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I started watching NASCAR in 2003 when Matt Kenseth won the sprint cup championship in the 17 car. He doesn't drive for Roush anymore, but he will always be #17 to me, and made it my favorite number. Also I see many 15's and 16's in pictures but no 17's. lol
RoushF150 is right, all Canadian BOSS' get the fogs, and I'm not sure if they are HID's but they are projection lights. I take it with all the looks and few comments that the numbers aren't that popular? No matter, I think they look perfect on the car.
RoushF150 said:
That is a Canadian car, fogs are factory installed for Canada.

Sadly they didn't come stock on the 2012 Canadian cars. We just got the flash lights taped to the hood with old batteries in them. Worst headlights I have ever seen.


Since they're on a RR Boss, I think the numbers look great!
Yes, some numbers have race team significance, but it's your car, and thats what counts.
I run #510, my build number, which means nothing to anybody but me.
Thanks guys, I think numbers would look very good on a PW BOSS myself! You wouldn't need the white circle! I've only seen one 12 BOSS up here, and forgot to look for fog lights. I think the 12's look meaner from the front. The build number on the bumper was to mimic the Saleen's as I think they should have been there from the factory. That number is the one I get the most questions about from people who don't own a BOSS. Good for breaking the ice for them.

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