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Huge brake upgrade for S197 chassis

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
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Is it required? No
Should you use it? We think so.
When we ran through the set up of the kit we determined and verified there was an offset issue with the swap.
The shim centers the caliper over the rotor so typically the pistons are retracting equally from the rotor surface.
Tim, do you have the spacers on your website??
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Canton, Michigan
I believe the risk comes from the piston in the caliper traveling further than designed. Luckily our group typically is pretty good about swapping out pads at proper intervals, but i found it to be approx 0.15" on my set of calipers. I was going to do a measurement with new pads before I try again since these calipers have used pads. But it seems like McMaster Carr sells 2mm shim washers which might work as well. I'll report back once I get new pads installed in my set of calipers.






Are the shims recommended if you're just running gt500 rotors? Or is that more for the 2 piece setups?
For the 32mm rotors either OEM or Girodisc, just allows the calipers to function in a more centered position. Plus we offer the 1mm thicker pads in R12 and R18 from G-LOC which keeps the pistons more in their designed sweet spot.

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