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Just got my VIN!

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The date the order goes in has nothing to do with when you will get your car. Each dealer gets allocations for certain quarters of the year. Your situation is similar to mine. I ordered my BOSS April 6 but it also was a 4th qtr allocation, so I was looking at an ETA in Oct/ Nov at the earliest. But by some miracle, I got a call from the dealer yesterday saying my Boss will be built this week with an ETA of 9/19. Looks like I'll be driving my Boss before the snow gets here after all. I hope you have similar good luck with your order.
5 DOT 0 said:
Congratulations. Even though you'll get messages that your car has shipped don't get too excited until you have a railcar number. Once you have your railcar number then you will know for sure your Boss has shipped. Ask me how I know this... ::)

You are so right. My was suppose to deliver today and found out yesterday that it is still sitting at ramp 51.

Patiences is a virtue, right?

Just called Ford's 800 number to check on the status of my car which was supposed to be built on 8/31... the guy said its "in production" and scheduled for a 9/23 delivery now NOT the 9/8 date I originally got. Im going nuts waiting! lol
I called FCS and gave them my order number. They told me my order is on "materials hold". I told them my understanding that the "materials hold" was old information, and that the BOSS cars were no longer on materials hold, since from reading this site I see that a number of cars are currently in various stages of production or delivery. FCS escalated the issue to next level and the guy that called me back said the information they gave me is correct - that the BOSS cars are still on materials hold. Makes no sense to me given the cars I see above being delivered or on the way. Does anybody have any insights into this?


2012 #552
Mine has been in material hold state since May when I first started calling FCS. As everybody on this site will tell you it's just a state that Ford puts the order in when it has not been scheduled yet. It does not necessarily mean that it's waiting on any material.

Good luck with your order, but I know the waiting sucks especially when you read others are being built and yours is not.
Yes, that must be the case, since I see from the ebay listings that Boss# 1558 was produced 8/4/11 and Boss #1677 is also listed and on the ground at a Missouri dealership, so at a minimum Ford produced 119 Boss cars in the month of August. We need to call BS next time we speak with FCS and they say the BOSS production is on a materials hold.
Guys, "material hold" means your car hasn't been scheduled and has nothing to do with parts availability. The status report will state material hold until you have a schedule date. You'll get your VIN, Schedule Week, then Schedule day. Your window sticker will be available about a week before your production day. Once produced your cars sits for a week or two at ramp 51 (aka area 51 or the black hole). When it's ready to be shipped it moves to ramp 5P. During this time it will state in transit and that does not mean your car has shipped. When your car finally ships you will receive a railcar number. Do not think your car has shipped until you have the railcar number...because it hasn't. Shipping takes 1-2 weeks and then a few days between the final rail destination and delivery to your dealer. In the meantime sit back and relax.
Yes, I am sure you must be correct regarding the meaning of the materials hold designation. I just wish FCS would also acknowledge its meaning. Both FCS reps continued to tell me it means it means the factory is waiting for certain parts necessary for production. When I pointed out that Boss cars continued to be produced during August, they each said there must have been only enough parts sent to the factory to make those particular cars, and not enough for my car. Good news is that the cars in dealer inventory are now selling at MSRP almost everywhere (being helped by some cars on EBAY not getting any bids at all), so I will likely buy one on the ground before my order is processed. Then I will sit back and wait to see how long it actually takes before my order is produced, if ever, and tell the dealer to keep it if it ever shows up.

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