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Memorable or Funny Boss Moments

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I just dropped off my nine year old twins at a birthday party and drove our Boss so they could arrive in style. I'm barely out of the car and one of the nine year old girls attending the party yells "I love that car I want to marry it!" I said what about me it's my car? She said no she just wanted to marry the Boss!

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I have one I will update tomorrow that involves going from just trying to find a Boss on my way home (from 9 hours away) to actually trading in my truck (which was crammed full of random stuff for the trip and what not) and buying a Boss (about 6 hours from home).
Driving on the freeway a ford truck pulls up next to me in a hurry, next thing I see is his Iphone pointed at my Boss.......Picture time! Thought it was pretty cool that someone is showing his friends how awsome this car is and I'm driving it. ;D

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