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More Photos from Laguna Seca

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here is the link:


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I see you let them take your car offroad. ;D

from here:


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Big Vito said:
very nice :D

YB is crazy, in some shots its yellow others cream corn


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5 DOT 0 said:
Notice the red and white car has a roll cage in post #5. There's also a photo of a silver LS that has solid red wheels from the same series. Can't tell if it has a roll cage or not. Maybe a couple of specially prepped cars?

Too bad about the brakes. Looks like the Boss has one more thing in common with a M3. :D
It's a stock 302 with no cooling kit and DOT 3 fluid. Put the cooling kit on it and switch out to some high temp Brembo LCF 600 or similar DOT 4 fluid and I'll bet the brakes will be fine. Heck they stop my 4lk lb GT500, they'll stop the Boss.
Good morning everyone, Is it possible we are getting the red and orange cars confused?, I see some side by side pictures in the line up photos and my wife and I seem to agree which are red and orange. I have checked two other computters at work with one agreeing with my home unit.. I believe there were two red with black cars there..Just my thoughts..
The more photos I see, the more I like my original choice of Kona Blue. The Kona Blue with white stripes looks great! I thought I'd like a darker stripe on my Vista Blue GT500 originally, but once I saw some with the tungsten or alloy stripe, I realized white looked best. I think the same is true of the Kona Blue Boss. I "thought" black would look better, but the more photos I see, white is best.

That said, the wife said if I was keeping the GT500 I had to pick a different color. To her the CO/Bk combo was the best choice so who was I to argue? She said it would look the most menacing filling someone's mirrors LOL.

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