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Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration Pony Drive, Norman, OK

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Any BMO members going to the Pony Drive?
I've started looking into the events and can't figure out all the ride/rally options. There's the Norman Pony ride, some drive from Ashville to Charlotte, other link ups en route, etc. I get the events themselves, I don't get the ride options leading up to them. Any links with good info?
Tulsa, OK
I'm only about an hour away from Norman. My car club has been considering making this event but I'm still a little confused about what is actually happening in Norman. Am I just totally missing something or does the info seem to be lacking for this event?


Theory of 1
I will be attending in Norman and making the drive out via the Pony Drive to Vegas. I too am a bit lost as to what exactly is going on but I am meeting friends down there and I guess we will just get lost together.


Life is short. Live well!
I just registered for the Pony Drive. Going to meet the drive in Amarillo and then convoy thru Albuquerque and Flagstaff. They've added an option to get off the super slab and take Rt. 66 on the last leg.


Life is short. Live well!
Received my goody box for the Great American pony Drive (not to be confused with the MCA Pony Drive). T shirt, hat, pin, patch, windshield decal and windshield banner.


Life is short. Live well!
On the road from Amarillo to Albuquerque we stopped in Adrian, Tx. Half way point on Rt. 66. They closed down Main Street so we could park all the Mustangs. Still snow on the ground from previous night's snowstorm.


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