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Popping/Clicking noise when steering. HELP!

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Has anyone had the problem (after you run the car for 20 min and the engine is hot) of a clicking or popping sound only when stationary after turning the wheel? For me, it happens when the car is stopped or barely moving and I rotate the wheel all the way to the left or at least 8/10s of the way and then back to the right. As soon as the steering wheel releases from being almost all the way to the left, I hear a popping or clicking noise. It sounds like it's coming from the front left area of the car but I can't tell.

I started to notice this about a week ago when I was backing into my parking space which requires me to turn the wheel almost all the way to the left.

I am almost positive the car does not make this noise when cold or on startup but I can always double check. Car does not make this noise when wheel is turned all the way to the right. Any advice?
I had an issue where the steering made a grinding or groaning noise and vibration at low speeds. They replaced a steering column bearing under warranty. It has been fine since it was replaced.


yankeehick said:
not really my issue but I appreciate the response. :)

I did not post earlier because I thought you would get hammered over this. The OEM upper strut mounts are known to cause similar noises.

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