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SCT Tuner

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The legal way is to call SCT, they will issue a return authorization and charge $125 to reset it to unlocked so you can tune another car. Check the tuner by plugging into the OBD II port if the previous owner returned his car to stock then The status under device info should read "unlocked" then you don't have to worry and can tune your car.
lancerboss302 said:
Thanks for the reply. My buddy did return his Boss to stock

I've had the same problem with an SCT Tuner (2008 Shelby GT) before... Returned it to "stock" but the tuner was still "married" to the original car's VIN...

There is a software download from SCT that will allow you to "divorce" your tuner from the stored VIN and allow you to use it on another car...

I also remember that you can do this process up to 5 times (???) before the tuner itself locks...
I got an email from Steeda today saying that there is a critical update out for the SCT X3. I guess there were some problems:

SCT has released a new version of the X3 (PN: 3000) / SF3 (PN: 3015) device firmware - Version 1.2.142. This is a critical update that resolves issues found with prior versions of the X3 / SF3 firmware.

All SCT customers are urged to update their device(s) to this latest firmware revision using the SCT Auto Updater Software immediately. Dealers with X3 / SF3 devices in stock are urged to update their inventory to the firmware version 1.2.142 prior to selling these devices or should encourage the consumer to update the device prior to installing it on their vehicle.

Firmware Release Version: 1.2.142

Update Importance: Critical

Action to Take: Update all X3 / SF3 products immediately

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - I don't want to update my device. Can't I just back date the firmware to resolve the issue?

No. Back dating the firmware may cause additional issues and will not resolve the issue.

2 - My car / device are working fine. Should I update to the latest version?

Yes. This is a critical update and your device should be updated immediate to prevent any future issues.

3 - Where do I get the SCT Auto Updater Software? How do I install it?

The Auto Updater Software is available on SCT's website or Click Here to Download It Now.

The following instructions will explain how to install the software and use it to update your device. Click Here to Download the Instructions Now.
The SCT update issue is turning into a mess. There are reports of several people doing the update and losing their tunes, motors boxed, etc. I was talking with Shaun from AED Tuesday, and I guess all the tuners are furious over this. Shaun told me he wouldn't sell another SCT tuner or tune until he was confident this was worked out fully.
the 142 update is only to address an issue with the current fw about getting a 1016 error while loading the factory tune back on the car. The error stops the load and kind of leaves the car in limbo in a non-running condition. If you don't have this issue or don't need to return your car to stock there really is no need to update.

I can confirm 100% when you load the 142 update it will erase all of your custom tunes so make sure you have copies of them on the PC or email.

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