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Any Cooks Onboard?

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
Got some local tomatoes the other day...last of the season is approaching soon......Hon said i better make my grilled cheese with tomato sandwiches soon or else!....Who am I to argrue???????????????.......Tomorrow seems perfect.... we're taking a ride in the Boss to a local farm to get the last of the good local corn......Thursday is FALL Boys!!!!
Spring for me!!!
2 things at once tonight. Pork butt for samiches Saturday. I'll pull tonight. Fridge, slice real thin instead of pull, bag and freeze in the crock pot crock to keep the the shape so we can just cut the bag off and drop back in. This is 2 hours . Keeping the juice. No sauce will be needed.
This is awesome! Can you explain the seeded logs? Did you seed them or found them with shiitakes growing and brought them home. I’d love to grow my own mushrooms!
Here's the info from this company. I ordered other indoor grow kits from them. Some indoor grow kits like oysters and garden gian can be used to annoculate an outside bed once spent.

This is the company that I ordered from.

The process is time consuming for logs. Mine are oak and about 3 years old. If you really want to grow some mushrooms make a "garden giant"/ wine cap / Stropharia rugosoannulata bed.


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