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Garage Flooring and RaceDeck

Start with the center so that your end pieces are the same right & left side, start at the front of the garage door so that the back of the garage would have the cut pieces. Did you order the leading edge pieces? This is needed only at the doors, Hopefully your garage is square or close. Another suggestion is to cut the garage door rail at the floor, looks better and it won't hold dirt.
I see your point, but I only ended up with 3" at one edge, so I'm inclined to leave that rather than cut both sides and end up with 1.5" pieces at each end. I'm not sure if it's square or not, but hopefully within the 3" front to back. I did order the ramp edges for the front by the garage door. I'll look at cutting the garage door rail off. What type of saw works best for cutting the tiles?

Thanks for the suggestions!

I linked in the PDFs of the Race Deck floor layout here in post # 981
One down. Tackled the single stall for my beater :D It was dark out so the lighting's not very good.

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By cloud91965 at 2012-03-22

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Good looking job, I like the color...
Wow thanks that's high praise coming from the professional! ;D It went pretty good especially with the table saw and rubber mallet. I wish I had the talent to do the epoxy like you do, but this one I figured I could actually handle myself. The two stall is going to look better I think since the pattern flows a little more as there's more room to work.


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cloud9 said:
5 DOT 0 said:
Looks great, I can't wait to get mine ordered.
Thanks. I'm looking forward to you getting yours ordered too so I can now sit back and enjoy your pics while you go through all the work :p

Gary - Pls PM me on flooing info (brand, source) - Tnx...


I purchased the Race deck for my garage, 2 yrs. ago at Sema. Decided to epoxy my floors instead, since I use a jack quite often.

Boss3o2 said:
I purchased the Race deck for my garage, 2 yrs. ago at Sema. Decided to epoxy my floors instead, since I use a jack quite often.

Will the jack damage it?? Thought it was rated to 50,000 lbs. I saw pictures of guys that have lifts installed on them so I'm not too worried about it. Just in case I had one of my guys zip a few pieces of laminated masonite that I can put under it and the jack stands if it looks like I'm getting any dimples in it.

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I had to swap track tires and pads today so I zipped a few pieces of laminated hardboard for the jack and jack stands. I made 16" squares for the jack stands and this 2' piece for the jack. Light and easy to slide around and no risk of marring the floor tiles.

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A few years ago I went to Ford Carlisle, when I returned my wife had cleaned out the garage and she drew lines on floor and painted my garage floor with Epoxy Paint as a Surprise for Fathers Day,
To say I was surprised was a understatement..

cloud9 said:
Looks great Rick! You had more help than me. :p. Did you just use a jigsaw to cut around that round pipe?
Thanks. I used a Dremel Trio. I bought it for my father in law's birthday knowing I'd get a chance to use it. My in laws live less than 4 miles away so we borrow each others tools frequently. I have a plastic tube over that pipe so it covers the less than perfect hole we cut. ;D
You'll want to cut some masonite or something similar for the jack stands and floor jack. I used some laminated hardboard and it works great. 16" squares for the jack stands and an 18 x 24 piece for the jack. Light and easy to move around and protects the floor from stress marks.
Looks great...boy you have a good father-in-law, I see that he had knee pads on, you owe him a dinner, kids look like they had fun helping. What do you think of the sound effects, if any?

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