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Manual vs. Dual Clutch Automatic Transmissions

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Please continue the debate in this thread. Also include sequential transmissions as well.

From this thread:;quote=69602;topic=4435.0;last_msg=69613

"Quote from: steveespo on Today at 01:14:40 PM

Really a track only kinda thing with an occasional street romp. Constant blipping on the street would make me nuts and draw unwanted police attention especially with headers and Corsas.

Pete I have been synchronizing down shifts for 28 years, if Ford offered a dual clutch trans I would have bought one. No one can shift as well as BMW's DCT or Audi/VW's DSG.

NFSBOSS: You can turn it off when not in use. The new Porsche 991 GT3 will set a new standard for street cars with one hundredth of a second shifts. They tested an eight speed manual vs. an eight speed PDK and the PDK was half a second quicker to 100 (or something like that). It's in the video I posted in the other car forum. The current PDK shifts in 3 hundredth's of a second.

I'm going to start another thread debating manual vs. DCT and move some of these post there."

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