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Post Whoring 6.0 2019

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Another cold start, barely 20, but with the sun we may reach 40 this afternoon.Winter arriving officially in about 2weeks, with the shortest day of the year.....sunrise after 7AM and sunset a little after 4PM...stow away that suntan lotion for now.
Jets failed miserably against the Ravens Thursday surprise to anybody.Without a decent line protecting the QB, things will go downhill rapidly!...Giants are a prime example of that!!!!...With a very mobile QB like Lamar Jackson, the Ravens have all bases covered and will advance in the playoffs!.....not saying SB just yet.

Norm Peterson

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a few miles east of Philly
Pats beaten by the Texans Sunday....Brady looked dejected most of second half.....Pats no longer #1 seed...Pats may be sliding into the playoffs on a down note?...My Giants hit that note after week 4.................they don't even know how to spell "playoffs"
Looks like their losing-season streak started the year that Y.A. passed. Coincidence???

But as an Eagles fan, I guess I owe some thanks to the Giants' for their unintended part in getting the Eagles to the Division Championship :) over the 'boys (my son's favorite team).

In before the end of the year . . .

No snow in sight for the next week and a half...I'm a Happy Camper.....Had the boys here for 3 days after Christmas and they tore up my backyard pretty bad.It's mud and slide til the ground freezes, I guess............
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