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Track Car opinions

Update: I would strongly suggest when going this route to look for a car setup for a road course.

Or at least make sure it has large caliper brakes. Ideally 6 pistons.
I have made the decision to get out of my Late Model Stock Car - will be selling it as a roller without the motor. Send me a note if you know someone looking for a deal.
I agree that these cars are excellent on the road courses and fairly easy to drive once set up propperly. I have had another motor failure and have been looking for an excuse to get into a spec. class like maybe the Spec Z or Factory Five roadster series. Might have my chance now.

Frosty - I have a set of road course sticker tires from the Glen and also another 6 or so with the mould lines still on them. Shoot me a line if you are in the need of tires.

9 months later I can finally report back. A lot of twist and turns but finally got to get out to a track day in my car. It's a 2011 COT car which I didn't think I would end up with in the beginning.

2011 COT
Road Course cambered 9" rear end
Jerico 4spd transmission
3.79 gear, need a 4.44 for Kershaw
Roush Yates 358 D3 headed engine (760 RWHP)
Front -3.5 camber
Running take off goodyear 2265 slicks.

After I got the hang of shifting without a clutch I had a smile on my face all day!!!! ;D

Of course anything is better than my first ever track day in my Kia Soul last November. (Long story but I had to take my Kia Soul to the track to do a ride around day with an instructor before I could bring my track car out and run solo.)

Anyway, if anybody ever considers going down this path, please feel to ask any questions. I've learned a lot the past 9 months.

My email can be found on my website

1st session was a learning curve, but it got better throughout the day. I got bumped up a class after the second outing. My 5th session of the day, things finally started clicking but my camera didn't turn on. (I'm pissed.)

I'm editing video and uploading to this playlist on youtube.
Frosty, that's awesome, Your car sounds great when the r's get up there. What does that engine rev out at? Also is shifting it without a clutch similar to a dirt bike where it's easiest to shift as soon as you roll out of the throttle?
It will rev to 9200.

Peak HP is at 8200 so I'm probably going to set the chip around 8,600. Tach recall I hit 8,800 yesterday.

The rear gear is just way to high for some of the tighter corners on the track. You can hear the engine stumble. If I were racing I would have probably tapped the clutch to spin up the RPM's. (Or better had the right rear gear.)

Yes it does seem easier to shift when you immediate let out of the throttle. The guy that put the tranny in told me as soon as I started to brake with my left foot to shift. I found I do that simultaneously with lifting on the gas, take the tranny out of gear, tap the throttle about when going through neutral it was smooth.

This transmission 1st was killing me most of the day but as the day went along I got better and at probably 6 to 7k rpm it went in pretty smooth. (That is if you had any type of speed.)

Extremely nice not having to clutch.

Still in the oh shiznit moments, reflexes of using a clutch kind of got me and got me screwed up shifting.

The funniest part though was my first session every time I'd shift, my left foot clutch reflect would hit the brake.

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