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Trunk Release Button

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Any one else having the issue I am with the trunk release button next to the shifter? Twice now I have accidentally hit it opening the trunk while sitting at a red light in neutral. :mad:
I think I hit it with my wrist/arm while changing the fan speed dial.

Anyone know how hard it is to pull that console cover? I may decide to disable that sucker.
I have heard rumors about this being an issue. I owned my first 2010 Mustang GT back in June 2009 and I can say I have never encountered this problem with the trunk release button. I can't even see how its possible!!
ArizonaGT said:
No issues, not sure what you are doing to make that happen...vicious bout of air-drumming to "Panama" by Van Halen?

How did you know? ;D

I am not sure how I do it. I am pretty sure the car has to be in neutral. I always slide into neutral at red lights, a habit I picked up from driving a car with an old style heavy duty clutch. The I must either lay my arm alongside the shifter or I suspect it may happen when I am changing the fan speed dial and my arm drops on to the button.

It freaked me out the first time - I hear this loud CLICK, then I realized what it was. It's kind of embarrasing, running out to the back of the car to close the trunk,while sitting at a light.

Edit: The car does not have to be in neutral. It does happpen changing the fan speed, when my fingers are on the dial my palm rests right on the release button. The immediate fix is to go OVER the shifter to set the fan, not to the left side.

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