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Meziere Coyote Electric water pump Tested:

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I pulled the trigger and had one of Meziere's Coyote water pumps sent to the shop for testing. (both dyno and track)

I did 4 back to back dyno pulls with both the stock and Meziere water pump allowing 5 minutes between pulls aside from the last 2 pulls which I didn't shut off the car, just made one pull after another.
The tightest 2 dyno graphs (of the 4 runs each) are overlayed below:


Drag strip results conclude the power gain from 5K to redline are accurate. The car was consistently .1 second faster on every run.

That's pretty impressive and looks like their claim of 10-14 hp gain is legit. I looked into one to eliminate potential cavitation at high RPMs as a remedy for cooling issues on the road course. Unfortunately they told me an electric water pump wasn't a good application for road raced cars.
That's impressive.

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