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Poll - Why did you buy your Boss?

Poll - What motivated you to buy your Boss 302?

  • Bought it to track it - stock.

    Votes: 5 6.3%
  • Bought it to track it - gonna mod it.

    Votes: 11 13.8%
  • Bought it for nostalgia of the Boss name - keeping it stock.

    Votes: 24 30.0%
  • Bought it for the nostalgia of the Boss name - gonna mod it.

    Votes: 11 13.8%
  • Bought it because it's cool.

    Votes: 15 18.8%
  • Other - please post.

    Votes: 14 17.5%

  • Total voters

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Just curious about why people bought their Boss. There are many different reasons to own one - I find it interesting to see what purpose people have for it. Thought others might be interested too.

I bought mine for the nostalgia and plan to make slight modifications that can be returned to stock someday. Borla exhaust, Hurst shifter, side splitters, window tint, etc. Nothing major. Hope to pass it to my 2 yr old someday...



Spending my pension on car parts and track fees.
Exp. Type
Exp. Level
10-20 Years
Bought it becaues it was cool and:

1. The Blue and White reminded me of my first car, a 1968 blue and white BB Vette. Motion design with white hood center
2. Great heritage, It's A Boss.
3. Lot's of power without a blower or turbo.
4. Had an opportunity to ride in one Feb 2011 at the Chicaho Auto Show. The one from the stage. When the driver banged 3rd on Michigan ave. I was sold.
5. I am the Man of the House. So when the woman of the house said OK, I jumped at the chance. ;D
6. Mid Life Crisis. OH YEA. ;)


I bought this because it's the baddest factory car I've seen in a long time. When I puled it up the first time online I said I was going to own one . I was Shelby crazy till this came along. Dont even want another car.............If I do get another car this one is staying in the garage. No mods to it either............20 years from now its going to be the same as I bought it. only difference will be oil, tires, and gas.
I bought my Boss because:

I’m a car nut and this car is a car nut’s dream come true.
All the things I usually do to make my cars better for the track are already done on this car.
It’s got great horsepower without using forced induction.
It’s got . . . . . . . . . etc., etc., etc. . . . . . . .
I could write a couple pages of the “whys”, but you guys already know them.

I plan on tracking it and doing a little bit of mods to it, mostly things offered from Ford Racing.
I purchased the car as an investment and it will be worth double in ten years. ;)
All of the above. My wife says if you write the word BOSS on a piece of paper I will buy it. It's so cool and it will be a little mod and on the street and on the track. I don't think you can really appreciate this car until you run it flat out on the track. It is BAD!!!! Bought my first Boss in 71 and have loved the Boss ever since. I have my bucket list of tracks I want to run at, and yes Laguna Seca is on the list, I plan on checking off a few this year. I just love driving this thing. It is awesome. Okay I'll quit babbling. Long live the BOSS!!!!
I own several old camaros, trucks and even a old 1968 Deuce. I had a 67 Mustang Vert GTA (lost to hurricane Katrina).

The new Camaro sucks. The challenger is too big. I wanted something special, fast, new and a "supercar". I wanted something that IF I decided to go to the track it would be respectable.

I was looking at vette's but I have two teenagers, and wanted a back seat. That left the ponycars, the Nissan GT-R, or the BMW.

Ford did'nt get bailed out, the Boss is a supercar and a limited edition car, so it won out. That's why I bought the Boss 302.

bought it because i had a 69&half boss 302 and sold it when i got married in 1978 and it always stayed in the back of my mind.
I've wanted a 69 fastback, but being my age the 2012 was the next best thing. Once they first released a couple articles about the boss, I saved up and bought it. Loved the look, heard nothing but great reviews, wanted a Kona Blue mustang, and thought how great it would be on long roads with plenty of twists and bends.
I voted other. I was looking for a high performance sports car and considered a new Z06 or GS or used GT3. I really needed a back seat for my kids so that eliminated the Corvette and Porsche. I've never owned a Mustang but have always wanted one and have always considered myself a Ford guy. My last Ford was an all white 1991 SHO. I was considering a 2011 5 DOT 0 when the Boss was announced. I decided to wait and see if I could buy a 2012 Boss 302 and here I am. Other than the long wait I'm very pleased with my first new Ford vehicle purchase in 20 years. The driving experience in the Boss exceeds my expectations and I'm having a blast with the car. No major mods are planned other than making the car more track worthy. Also I've always thought the 1969/1970 Boss 302's were the coolest cars Ford ever made. 8)

FWIW of all the cars I've ever owned the best quality and most reliable was my 1988 Ford Ranger STX Supercab 4x4 that I sold at 80,000 miles. The only thing that ever went wrong with it was a headlight died the first week I owned the truck.
Bought mine mainly because I once owned a Grabber Blue 70 Boss 302. It was the best drivers car I had ever owned up to that time. I remember if you could stay in the seat & hang onto the steering wheel, the car would take the corner. Had to sell when child #3 came along ( out of 5 ). 20 yrs of mini-vans later; I bought a 06 GT & made a 69 Boss clone. When they announced the Boss return in '12 , I planned on waiting until 13 with the 70 style stripe package. Decided I preferred the 12 style better & glad with my choice. Feel very privileged to have owned 2 Boss 302's in my lifetime.
And by the way, the 12 is much improved over the 69 & 70 models. ;D
I voted other also....Back in the day, I was sporting around in a 68 Olds 442 4 spd & not not looking back! Over the years, got married, had kids, & needed 4 dr sedans to move everybody around. Last year my youngest son got his own car & I was free to look for something I've been wanting for a long time...A Muscle car to tame my mid life crisis (as my wife insists). Was doing research online about challengers, camaros & mustangs GT's & stumbled on info about the Boss. What I didn't know at the time was that it was a limited edition car & dealers needed an allocation to order one. Luckily, the dealer closest to me had an allocation & I went thru the process to get my Boss.I have NO regrets what so ever!!! This is the best car I have ever owned!!!!! I look forward to driving it every minute I can, for as long as I can! After that, my son will take over.


Bought it for the track, and will mod some.
Also makes a nice fair weather summer driver (and unseasonably warm winter driver this winter).
Similar to another post, I also was fourtunat enough to have owned a 1970 BOSS, but had to sell it due career change, and promised myself if FORD ever made another one I was gonna do what I had to to own one. I was going to wait on the 2013 design, but my dealer only got one allocation, and I waited 7months on it. Love the car. Sure not like the old ones which sounded so great with hydraulic lifters, and reflective stripes, shaker, and louvers. BUT THIS CAR IS so much more powerful, and nice.
Bought it to look at it in my garage. I'll start it up every once in a while, then wash it again. It's going to stay stock and I won't track it because high speeds frighten me.
I was looking for a replacement for my aging street / track car, a 98 M3. The new M3s were out of my price range so I began looking for the best track capable car around 40K. I started thinking about getting a 2011 Mustang, I had taken one for a test drive and was playing around online with different options trying to decide what to get. Then I saw a short write up in a car mag that Ford would make a Boss version of the Mustang for 2012. I decided to wait an see what this version offered. After analyzing the difference between the V8 models it was clear the Boss was the car I was waiting for.

The current plan is to drive the Boss on the street for a few years then start taking her to the track. Only time will tell if I can resist taking her to the track before the warranty expires. ::)

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